Weekend Plans: 1.6.11-1.8.11

January 7, 2012

Since I was just enjoying my day off, before I work the rest of the weekend  I thought I would show off what my weekend would consist of.

=Dominitrix By Jennifer Stanford Finally came in the mail! I'm looking forward to knitting the valentine Pillows and the halter!! Plus, she explains how to embroider knitted pieces. Yay.

=Keeping up with my journaling/patterns

= New W.I.P : quarter length mittens.

=HP One Tablet, that  received for Christmas.

=Tarot Cards:  I Read, be afraid

=Uploading more music for my ipod. 2500 and counting.

=Technary, the new mascot

=Exploring the trail, with my comfy shoes

=Delicious homecooked meal/leftovers

Mistress out,


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