Apologizes and Activities

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Just thought I would stop by and apologize for the lack of a Friday post and the fact that there hasn't been a youtube video in two weeks. Life snuck up on me like a crazy mofo, and I had to battle him back into submission. Things are starting to settle down now, which means it will be easier for me to create content for you guys, but don't think I've just been lazy!!

- My Fangirling Post covering Sakurako Kojou is live on Her Story Arc!

- Putting together a list of tips for your first CONVENTION thanks to Eventbrite!

- Editing lots of video footage, I probably have enough for three or four videos so those will be coming soon.

- Friday, was my 25th birthday. Spent time with my family and Alex.

- Had a chance to go see Star Trek Beyond, but I didn't want to go because I specifically altered a shirt to wear to the theater, and I didn't have it with me.. Alex says I'm ridiculous, but I worked hard on that, I want to wear it when I go see it.

- Watched two new movies over the weekend: The Black Dahlia and Kiss The Girls.

- Although, I've been slowing on content, I have been pretty good about updating Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you guys follow me there, when posts get sporadic.

Were you guys busy this week? What did you guys think about our Guest Contributors? Lets talk about it on Twitter.t

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How I Learned To Love Pokemon Again

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One of my best friends, Emily has decided to grace us with her thoughts of Pokemon Go. Make sure to read all the way to the end to find out more about her, her novels and where you can stalk *ahem* visit her social media.

 That is right people. I have gotten the Pokemon Go App. I haven't battled anyone yet, but I'm working on getting a Gloom, Ponyta and a Vulpix. (Some of my favorites.) So yes, the hardcore Digimon fan has gone over to the "Dark Side" and she is loving it. Don't think this means I now favor Pokemon. In fact, one of my hopes for the future is that the people behind Digimon will be inspired to create their own app similar to PokemonGo so I can play with my favorite monster fandom. I also still stand by my belief that Meowth not knowing how to use Payday because he learned English is stupid.
  How did a hardcore Digimon fan like myself end up with Pokemon Go? How am I re-learning to love Pokemon? In order to tell this story, we need to go back to my childhood. Late 90's and early 00's. When overalls were acceptable fashion, the internet was dial up and T.V. only had 99 channels. During this time I was a casual Pokemon Fan. I didn't play he card game and only attempted the video games a few times.
 My source for Pokemon was the anime, which I could only watch at my Grandparent's house, because they had WB and my parents did not. I do remember having a few Pokemon Toys, but I definitely wasn't a hardcore fan. Then out of nowhere, Digimon appeared before me. This show came just when I needed it, and spoke to me in a way Pokemon wasn't able to. It was one of my early fandoms and I still love it to this day. It also helped that I could watch Digimon wherever I went.
 So like every fangirl, I tried to share my love for it with others. This didn't end well. Most kids snubbed Digimon for being a rip off of Pokemon, and at the time, my shy self wasn't skilled at debating. I had a lot of labels put on me that marked me as the weird kid and being a Digimon fan was one of them. Even as I grew older and didn't see the people of my childhood anymore, I found myself starting to hate Pokemon. It wasn't something I did on purpose. I just started to associate Pokemon with a bad part of my childhood, subconsciously, I suppose. Something that just brought me sadness and pain. While Digimon gave me hope that I would find friends that loved the same things I did.
 I didn't realize I was carrying all these feelings with me or even that was my true reason for disliking Pokemon. I just thought i was a classic fan war. You had to pick a side, there was no licking both. though part of that mindset might come from the sport side of my family, who will always cheer for the U.K. WildCats no matter what happens. So with all this baggage I was unknowingly carrying with me, why did I ever consider getting Pokemon Go?

The answer is obvious to both a Digimon and Pokemon fan: Friendship.

 If you recall from the Pokemon Vs. Digimon Debates between Spokhette and Myself. You will know that we are very close friends. She loves Pokemon as much as I love Digimon. Due to all the stuff going on in my life, I have to move back down south, and away from my friend. Meaning we weren't going to see that much of each other. I could tell she was very sad about this, and I wanted to do something for her to make it easier. During this conversation she had mention that she had watched Digimon.
 I was shocked, because it wasn't something I had asked her to do, and while it's not going to be her new favorite T.V. Show, she did seem to like it. So I thought, why not get Pokemon go, that way when we do see each other, we'd have something to connect with. Now, I know what you're thinking. Emily, you can't battle with other trainers unless they own a gym. Well, see I didn't know that because I wasn't really part of the Pokemon fandom.
 I'm glad I didn't know that though, there is a chance I would have had second thoughts about joining. As I have been running around trying to find Pokemon that are awesome to show to Spokhette, I have started to remember what Pokemon was really like for me as a child. It wasn't something negative or mean spirited. It was something that was fun and joyful to be part of. It also forced me to look inward to unpack the baggage I was still carrying with me. I had wanted to believe that I had put that behind me, but it just wasn't true. Knowing that has just empowered me to unload the last bags so I can finally be free.
  So with each new Pokemon I capture, I guess I'm really re-capturing the joy I had as a child. We all have to grow up, but there are things from our childhood, that we never truly outgrow. Joy should definitely be one of those things. You can't feel that if you're carrying negative things from the past. So don't be surprised if you see me post about my Pokemon adventure, because it is one I definitely need to take.

About The Author: Emily Kirby is a novelist, Creator of the Codex Series, runs her own Youtube Channel and Blog.You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

How has Pokemon Go effected you? Are you enjoying it? Lets talk about our catches on Twitter!

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3 Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Stream Right Now

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 Got something a little special for you guys. On the 4th I put up a Guest Blogger application, I wanted to bring you guys new types of content. I love my voice and I love expressing it, but I'm not the only one in the world, and perhaps you'd like to hear about other facets of nerdom, that maybe I personally don't cover! Never fear, new content is here! Today we have the lovely Cassie from Culture Coverage talking about some of her favorite Sci-fi films. Make sure to read all the way to the end for cool stuff and her own bio. and make sure you visit her blog and show her that awesome love you guys show me!


Of all the movie genres out there, sci-fi is by far the most generous. While cool CGI effects have made the impossible reality for superhero movies such as Iron Man or Deadpool, sci-fi movies have been around doing their own thing for nearly a century now. For those making films in that realm, they’re going to make something great regardless of whether they’ve got an overpaid tech team or a few dozen makeup artists.
Yet that also means the library of sci-fi movies is incredibly vast. Picking a good one from the masses is difficult at best. So we’ve saved you the trouble and picked out a few for a good night marathon! Enjoy these movies at your leisure from the convenience of a streaming service and get some food ready!
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
File:The Rocky Horror Picture Show.jpg
So the first item up on our list comes with one small caveat—you cannot stream it for free (well, legally anyway). It’s available on iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon Video, but all sources charge $3.99 for the stream. And while I’m generally against paying to stream (especially if you’re already paying for something like Netflix or Amazon), I make an exception for this movie.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is simply a great film to watch. Not only does it include an amazing cast of diverse actors and personalities, but it also has musical numbers! The entire plot focuses on transsexual transvestite Transylvania, where Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played by Tim Curry) is a mad scientist bent on creating the perfect man for “his” pleasure.
In spite of that, the film is surprisingly well-mannered and absolutely hilarious. Every member of the cast is memorable (as is the rest of the film) to the point where some of the movie’s fans have gone as far as attending the live theatrical versions just to participate in the plays (which is a traditional thing with this story).
If ever a film was worth three bucks to watch, this is it. It has pretty much everything you could want out of a sci-fi movie.
Ex Machina
The phrase “deus ex machina” is often used in stories to describe a miraculous event that occurs with little more explanation than “because the author said so” and is usually used to resolve the plot. As such, the phrase literally means “god from the machine.” “Ex Machina” plays on that well known literary term by going ultra-literal and focusing on a machine that has been programmed so well that her personality is possibly indistinguishable from that of a human.
The trick, however, is her appearance. Right away, you can tell Ava is a robot. She has a human face, but the rest of her has a “mechanical” appearance. The overall style of the film is that of a psychological thriller, so there are lots of exciting twists and turns to be had throughout the experience.
Being a modern film, the special effects are really good. So good, in fact, that the movie won multiple awards (this is just last year, as the film debuted in 2015), though not all for special effects. You’ll find the movie is a little different from most American films because it is the product of a British-American team. You can expect to find some unique viewpoints as a result.
Unlike “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” you don’t need to pay to watch “Ex Machina” so long as you have an Amazon Prime account. If not, it can be seen for just a few dollars on other services such as Vudu or YouTube (you can still watch it on Amazon for cheap if you don’t have Prime).
Minority Report
File:Minority Report Poster.jpg
While Tom Cruise may have gotten a little “out there” for some people in the past decade or so, the same cannot be said for the movies he’s starred in. “Minority Report” is an excellent sci-fi film where he stars as John Anderton, a captain working for the PreCrime organization.
The film takes place in the slightly futuristic city of Washington, D.C. where crime has been all but eliminated thanks to the efforts of a group of psychics known as the “Precogs” who are able to predict crimes before they happen. Yet are their predictions always accurate?
The story’s concept is incredibly novel and touches on a whole variety of topics from how we view criminal activity to what really constitutes the difference between a utopian and dystopian future. After all, the criminals in the film are all punished without having successfully committed their crime yet. This society is essentially punishing people for thought crimes.
“Minority Report” is available on Netflix for instant streaming, but it comes with a catch. It isn’t normally available to US residents. There is, however, a workaround that will not only allow you to watch “Minority Report,” but any other content on Netflix that’s available outside the USA.
Using a Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) can fool Netflix and other websites into thinking you’re somewhere else. It works by connecting you to a remote server that processes your requests for you. That server can be located in a variety of different countries, giving you access to content normally regionally locked. It also doubles as a security booster because it encrypts internet traffic. It’s worth checking out if you travel a lot of want a larger selection of films to pick from.
Runner Up
There’s one last film that didn’t quite make the official list for the simple reason that I just couldn’t find anywhere to stream it! It isn’t available on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, so it isn’t something you can stream through the regular channels. If you can find it, you should definitely see “Blade Runner.”
It is one of the single best sci-fi films ever made, with three different versions that alter everything up to the actual ending of the film. Besides starring Harrison Ford, it helped create a huge number of tropes and was an inspiration for countless other sci-fi films. If you can find it, it’s absolutely worth watching.
About the Author: Cassie is a movie buff and internet security specialist. When she isn’t watching her favorite flicks, she’s usually blogging about them or promoting online safety. She hopes that you’ll enjoy at least one of the films listed above!
Think we missed something good? Any thoughts on one of the movies listed above? Feel free to add to this short list by commenting below! Lets talk about some favorite Sci-Fi Films on Twitter!

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Nerdette Lately

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I've missed you guys!! What have you guys been up too? Did you have a fun weekend? I thought I'd catch ya up on a few things I've been doing lately

- Works been kind of crazy, so I haven't had a lot of time to do blog stuff. This is the fourth time I've re-written this post. Honestly its been driving me a little crazy.

- Downloaded Pokemon Go and am so in love! I've come across a Clefiary and an Evee. So Far, Alex and I have explored the Sanitation Department, Two parks, and walked a combined 12, 883 steps in the last two days. Its a healthy activity, and so much fun, especially to share with someone you love. Team Mystic Represent!!

- Finished my first book in a while. When I was younger, I was a voracious reader. I probably finished three to four books a week. I wasn't working a job then, or working on a plan for creating a semi-successful blog. It's called The Devil You Know by Trish Doller. An 18 year old feels like she has lost her chance to explore the world, when her mother passes away and her father withdraws. It leaves her caring for her younger brother and feeling like the world is passing her by. So when the chance to get out of the house arrives in the shape of two super cute boys that are interested in her, how could she say no? Its a romantic thriller, that did a decent job of giving me goosebumps. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

- Bought fabric for the first time from Walmart. I got adorable DC heroine's fabric, and it inspired me to do more sewing. I've been practicing on lots of things. Adding piping to dresses, or fixing holes in Alex's shirts. I have no idea how Alex gets some many holes in his clothing from being a computer technician, but somehow he does...

- Pretty Little Liars is getting so intense man!! I'm so irked that I'm back to waiting an entire week biting at my fingernails, and dude, Elliot, is SO CREEPY!!! There has to be a conflict of interest being someone's medical caregiver and their husband.. And Wax faces of dead people?! COME ON.
I sort of miss when A was just a catty high school student pulling pranks, NOT a STONE COLD KILLER.

- The Guest Blogger Application is still open, so don't forget to email me! Don't miss your chance to write for a new audience!!

 Have you guys been up to anything cool lately? Lets talk about it on twitter!!! Come be my friend, we talk about all kinds of things there!

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Personal Rant: The Struggle of finding the perfect notebook.

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 You're going to learn a bit about me today and a little about my personality and I hope that's ok, because this is going to be a personal rant about how difficult it is for me to find the perfect stationery supplies. So buckle in this one is going to be quite a ride.
 If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love planning posts for the blog and all of my other social media on paper. Its my thing. I'm a huge fan of pens, stationery, planners and notebooks. I keep at least two notebooks in my purse at all times so whenever inspiration hits me I can write it down. I can outline and flesh out the ideas on paper, and then just type them up for the blog when they are finished. That's my blogging process just in case you were interested.
 Now I don't have a particular place that I love to buy notebooks from. It really is a struggle for me to find a notebook that works for my needs. Now most people would say thats because I'm crazy or I'm too picky and I'm just being ridiculous. If I was ranting about finding a planner, I would totally agree with them. It took half a year to find the perfect planner I fangirled on Instagram AND twitter when I found it, and I bookmarked the link, so I can order it again in 2018 when its time to get a new one.
 However, this rant is about my struggle for finding the next notebook successor. The needs for my new notebook are NOT the same needs that my planner has to fulfill. For example. Here's the must haves I need in a planner.

- Has to have a Monthly, and Weekly pages. There has to be enough room for me to place everything that I have to do for that week and that month and also create a todo list for the entire week.

- Has to have a ribbon marker. I HATE having to flip through it to find what I need.

- I HATE SPIRAL BOUNDS! Those abominations have no place in proper stationery. NONE! They never stay upright, they get bent and then the paper is ruined, and it scratches me constantly because one of the last rings will always end up sharp and deadly.

- I prefer ones with pockets in the back so I can put importantly things, like invitations and such.

- The pages have to be roomy and should be numerous. I'm very busy through the year, and I need to have all the space.

 So I can see why finding a planner for me is difficult and I can even see why people think I would be a crazy person . However, the needs for my Notebook? Not even close.

- Soft Cover that stays flat when open.

- A ribbon book mark.

- More than 160 pages

- Lined paper.

See? My needs for a notebook are pretty simple. However, the closest I've ever gotten was a notebook from Barnes and Noble, and when I opened it? QUAD PAPER?! Who even writes on Quad paper? Do I look like an architect to you? Why is that considered a notebook instead of a sketchbook. No where on the packaging did it even say that it came with quad ruled paper.
Ever since then I have been having the worst luck trying to find a notebook that is going to suit me. Now my search has only gone on for about a week. I like to look in bookstores, because I can feel the paper and the cover and see all of the attributes.

If you know of any shops where I can get a couple quality notebooks please leave them in the comment box or talk to me about some of your favorites on twitter. I'm always up for trying something new.

 * Check out my latest video: 5 Reasons to be excited about Cardcaptor Sakura's Reboot *

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Open Call for Guest Bloggers!

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Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful holiday!

 I love creating content for you guys! But, I am only one viewpoint. There are plenty of nerdy topic that I avoid on Nerdette At Large. Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Xbox, First Person shooters and the like. I thought it would be fun to test out some new content for you guys, and give you guys a chance to meet some other bloggers.
 It would be awesome to use this, as an opportunity to network with bloggers that I haven't yet interacted with before! So Here is a simple application for all bloggers, vloggers and content creators, that are interested in collaborating, or guesting!! Send all answers to



Blogging Style: 


Topics You'd like to write about:

How often you'd like to guest: 

If you are interested in any other types of collaboration:

Favorite Fandoms:

 Nerdette At Large is updated two times a week by myself, a single blogger, but I would love to at least add two more posts per week, which would be easy to do with some help. Nerdette at Large is a nerdy lifestyle blog but I am open to any kind of topic, as long as it can fit inside the umbrella of lifestyle blogging.

Again, interested parties should email me at and I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!

If you know any bloggers that are also looking for guest bloggers let me know!! I'd love to write a few posts for someone else's audience!!

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June Favorites

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 Can I get a right on for publishing this on the first?! You can't see my face right now but it has a huge grin on it, just so ya know. July is a huge month for me. My mother, sister and my birthdays are all this month. So I hope to be out doing lots of things, and have many things to show you in July. Now, lets talk about some awesome stuff in June.

- I revived the Ebay, and wound up winning a Wacom Bamboo tablet, I'm so excited to start using it in my everyday graphic work!

- My Cousin Brianna came home from South Korea. She vlogs and blogs, so go read her adventures, I am so excited to hear all about her adventures from the horses mouth.

- This month I discovered #Giriboy and listened to more San E and Mad Clown. My rap scene was pretty covered. Rappers in Korea look so much different than here or in Japan. Glad that they are accepting that you don't have to look "gangsta" to be a rapper. Its about your flow and lyrics, not how many chains your neck can hold up. Currently I am replaying: Hogu, Sour Grapes and Dish.


-THIS GOOGLE ANIMATION! What a time to be alive, to work for Google would be absolutely amazing!!

- I bought Two Skirts and a Dress from kyocatclothing on Etsy, and I regret nothing! Soot Sprites, The Rose Seal and Kero will help me prepare for the CardCaptor Sakura Reboot for their 20th Anniversary! I'm SO READY! -->

- Here are my favorite Makeup Looks for the month. I've been better about fashion and makeup on the blog this month, so I'm trying to keep on this course.

- I've worn the mess out of my Bombshell Wonder Woman Shorts this month, Thanks Hot Topic!

- Falling in Love with this print by @paperbeatstweet

- Falling in love with this print by @sydweiler

- Thanking +Black Girl Nerds for #blackguynerds

- I haven't played Overwatch but art from @osamatographe make me want to so bad!

- The Semi-safe place #queerselflove provided before douchebags found it.

- Falling in love with all of @jenniferlmyers art, especially this Firefighter Bunny.

What were some of your favorites this month? Lets talk about music on twitter. Lets be friends!

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Five Reasons You should be Watching: Anne-Happy

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The three anime I have been watching a lot lately is Tanaka Kun is always listless, Young Files of Kindaichi and Anne-Happy, so it only makes sense that I should do a write up on Anne-Happy as well. It such a fun moe anime, and literally anyone can get into it. Its so funny! Here's a couple reasons why you should give it a try.

Its adorableness with a purpose. It's not just cute for cute sakes, each character has an issue and a purpose. Its' different from most moe anime because each character has a goal they are trying to accomplish, and lets just talk about how adorable the characters are, and their problems shall we? Hibari-Chan and her great love for an inanimate object. Anne and her great love for animals, while they only show disdain for her. Hibiki-chan and her egregious lack of directional awareness. Ren and her species wide sex appeal. and Finally, my favorite Botan-Chan and her one-woman ward. Think of the cosplay capabilities!

The Art is great, it instantly makes me joyful. The bight colors make me smile every time it starts, an instant mood lifter. I love that the characters can go from regular to Super deformed in no time flat, and I think its hilarious that the rest of Class 7, has no faces. For some reason it just tickles me pink. There's no way you can look at this show and not at least crack a smile. The art style and the characters unique fashion qualities made me add every single one of them to my cosplay list.

The Cheerfulness is what really gets me. It instantly cheers me up. Bright colors, fun music and adorable characters, there is no way you can be sad.  No matter how many times Anne gets attacked by the animals she wishes she could hold dear, she just keeps smiling and tries again. It seems Like every time Botan breaths, she breaks something, but that doesn't stop her from participating in life.

The story and characters are unique. Five incredibly unlucky girls put together in one class, to learn how to be luckier? Doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard of before. The character development is pretty good as well. The girls don't stay completely hopeless, they learn how to become friends. How to problem solve, to a degree, and how to support each others flaws.

I can relate. The girls make ME feel lucky and that's saying something. I've always said if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. The situations that these girls get into make me feel Lucky enough to attempt a run at the casino, or some other money gambling occasion that I would never think about otherwise, because money is too precious and my luck is to bad to attempt it. The show is straight comedy. That teacher is something else and who doesn't want timothy as a pet? I can remember lots of crazy teachers from school, but Kodaira takes the cake.

Have you been watching any anime lately? Any titles you'd recommend? Leave em on twitter or down below in the comment box, I'm always up for a discussion on anime! Lets be friends!!

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My Thoughts on: Now You See Me 2 (Spoilers)

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 I have been trying to see Now You See Me Second Act since it came out Friday, but I couldn't either I had my sister with me, or I had work, something was always in the way. I finally got a chance to see it Wednesday and let me tell you that it was glorious. I'm going to tell you why and go into detail down below, but spoiler alert, I absolutely LOVED IT! I wanted to stay in the theater, and watch it again! If you liked the first one, you'll definitely enjoy the 2nd one.
 My love for this movie can be split up three ways. One; The indepth background look into Shrike's Last Trick. Two: The illusions were absolutely mind blowing.  Three: You learned more about each individual illusionist.
 - How horrible must it have been to see his father die, no wonder he has had that revenge plan for 30 years.
- "Don't believe for a second the eye can't be lied too." One of my favorite quotes from the movie.
- I thought that the horsemen had their own underground lair, but it was pretty crazy that he was able to meet up with the "eye" that way.
- I love that he was following the illusionists with carrier pigeons. It made me giggle.
- Lula is my favorite character. She is hilarious, and a dork. I loved it so much. One of the biggest things I liked about her character was that she was the only girl and they made all these jokes about her doing the "girl Things" like; being the floozy. However, everytime the opportunity came up, it was never done. I absolutely LOVE that they made Daniel the floozy, that made my entire day.
- Also what is up with all the Octopus based bad companies lately? Octa in Now you See Me 2, Spectre in OO7: Spectre and of Course Hydra in the marvel movies...
- The illusions in this movie are a million time better than the last one, Atlas magic is pretty impressive. He's my favorite magician.
- Daniel Radcliffe played such an unhinged character! Those pictures he took though...He's crazy!
- Jack is so adorable around Lula! His face got super red, when she was kneeling next to him stealing his belt and wallet. I'd love to see them together.
- Poor Jack, His hypnosis skills need so much work....
- Their card work was so incredible! I was so enthralled by all of their card tricks during the heist. I was literally gripping the edge of my seat. I thin that was my favorite part of the entire movie.
- I hate that they kidnapped Dylan and put him in his fathers safe, that is SO fucked up. When Dylan figured out how to survive the safe, I was really hoping that somehow someway his father had made it out as well, and was waiting for him with the rest of the eye.
 I thought it was so cool that the illusions were created/overseen by David Copperfield. The illusions in the Second Act in my opinion far surpassed the first one, and I honestly can't wait to go see it again. The movie was so good. I felt like a giddy school girl clapping and what not, I'm sure if someone had been paying attention to me, they'd be shaking their heads and wondering what grade I was in. When we got out there had been rain so there was the most awesomest double rainbow right over the theatre. I had to get a decent photo so I could show you guys! I was thoroughly impressed by the story as well. I would definitely go see this movie a couple more times and I highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you saw the original or not. 5 out of 5 stars!

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, If you have a twitter, you should come be friends! I love talking about all kinds of stuff!!

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Ranking My Favorite Fictional Detectives.

Hey Gang!
 I got something cool for you guys. Now, you know that solving mysteries is one of my favorite things to do. something I've enjoyed since I was very young and its something I talk about quite often. I thought it was be fun to rank my favorite fictional detectives for you. If you are a mystery dork like me don't be shy, leave your favorites in the comments below.

 Phryne Fisher: Although her character thrives in the 1920's of Australia, she breaks down barriers every episode. She has her own protection, a gold revolver and she fights for the rights of other women around her. I also absolutely love that she's a foster parent and works with a female Doctor. One of the biggest things I love about her character is that he's fearless. She'll go charging right into gun fire, for someone she cares about, her gun drawn and her wits ready for battle. If you'd like to know more about her, I did a full write up here.

Veronica Mars: I've talked about her numerous times on the blog, so I'll only mention short and sweet reasons here. If you want in depth, you can read this instead. I love that you can relate to her. Veronica is by all accounts the weirdo, the outsider. No matter, how popular you are, I'm sure at one point you have felt like an outsider and Veronica helps you get through it. Her sarcasm and wit is unmatched and she runs circles around that ridiculous police department. One of the biggest things about her for me personally is that she fights for the little guy. She observes all the people around her with power and influence are so completely corrupt and she tries her hardest to bring them to the light and do whats right.

- Hajime Kindaichi: His intellect is unmatched i did a write up on his show, if you're interested. I love his go lucky attitude and that so many people depend on him. Everyone from his best friend Miyuki to the Tokyo Police Department. His arch enemy; the Puppet Master is pretty unique as well. A portion of Hajime's Mysteries are orchestrated by him. Their relationship reminds me of Holmes and Moriarty, although Hajime is more entertaining to watch.

- Mystery Inc.: Scooby-Doo and his mystery solving crew has graced many a blog post in my 6 years of writing. As one of my favorite cartoon characters, and a future tattoo, how could I not include them in the list? Scoby and the Gang showed me two very important things. One, that you don't have to be a genius to be of use and two, that the scariest monsters are often Human themselves.

- Bruce Wayne: Most Importantly, the Adam West and Brave and the Bold versions. Batman's supposed to be the number one detective in the world. I am most Drawn to these versions, because they show two sides to Bruce. Brooding, calculating, the hallmarks of dedication to deduction, but also that it is okay to laugh. You don't have to be serious all the time to be taken seriously.

- Jessica Fletcher: In my opinion, one of my favorite amateur sleuths. Just a nosy little old lady keeping her close knit neighborhood safe. I know she is considered an amateur slueth, but she bails that police department out of trouble so often,I feel like she should bean honorary detective or something. At the least, she should be getting paid for it. She runs circles around them. I do find i pretty hilarious that she never seems to be in any serious danger, she's never captured, shot at, or chased off the road, but she always seems to solve the mystery, I wish I had her luck.

- Nancy Drew: Rounding Out my list the "original" female detective. The intuitive daughter of Carson Drew, prominent lawyer, Nancy spends a good portion of her time solving cases in River Heights, with her good friends Bess and George, and her boyfriend Ned. The reason she is the last on my list, is very simple. Nancy Drew was one of the first mystery novels I had ever read. It was one of my favorites as a child. However once I got older, I was very annoyed by what seemed to be the Nancy Drew effect. In every novel, two chapters from the end, for some inexplicable reason, Nancy gets captured. Every. Single. Novel. Every single time, that gets annoying really quick. Which is why I prefer the 60's television program. She was much quicker than the novel version.

Who are some of your favorite detectives? Lets talk about it on Twitter. I'd love to find more Mystery Nerds out there! Lets fangirl or guy, together!

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My Favorite Fictional Fathers

Hey Gang!

 Before I jump right in, I wanna wish all the fathers a wonderful fathers day. I thought it would be fun to celebrate all the fathers that do hard work, and give a list of my favorite fictional fathers while I was at it. I think it would be so much fun, because I indulge in a lot of fiction in my life, and I could honestly use the distraction. My dad has always been my inspiration when it comes to fictional series. He's one of my favorite people in the world! What better way to honor him, than to list a few fictional characters that makes me think of him! Here are a few a of my favorite fictional fathers.

- Son Goku: I love that he is able to handle almost any threat to the universe and still has time to train his children to have love and respect. He's always there for his friends whenever they need him, for whatever they may need!

- Keith Mars: Other than giving birth to one of the most kick ass female detectives EVER? He's always there for Veronica. Pushing her to be better, to do better than he did. Always pushing her to new limits of deduction. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite detectives of all time, and I love how supportive he is of her, even when she gives up her lawyer career to be a private eye like him.

- Sirius Black: Now I know that he isn't a father, but more of a father figure. I feel that for the time he was there, he gave harry some semblance of a family. I know that it isn't a popular opinion, but I feel like Sirius was a better father figure to Harry than Dumbledore was.

- Carson Drew: Father of Nancy Drew, as a single father just like Keith, he does everything he can for his daughter, even so far to help her with her own cases. Nancy does a good job of collecting evidence for her father's cases.

-Thomas O' Malley: The Alley cat from Aristocats. One of my favorite animated films. Not only did O' Malley help the kittens find their way back to the mother, but then loved the children enough to adopt them, and grow together as a family. Plus, he was musically inclined, and  I love a good beat!

Who are some of your favorite fictional fathers? Any that I missed, that you feel should be included? Leave em in the comments below! Lets talk about them on Twitter.

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May Favorites

Hey Gang!

  I can't believe it is already June you guys! Seriously, I need time to slow himself down. I'm going to be 25 soon at this rate! I thought I would talk about a few things I did this month.

- I reached over 470 followers on Twitter! I don't even know what to say?! I don't know what brought you guys, but I'm glad you are here. Here's to hoping you'll be around for a while! You guys that follow me, should comment below why you do, because that way I can keep doing it for ya!

- I revived the Patreon, the last week of May. I will be posting at least twice a week, and did you know that my patrons, get to see my blog posts before the rest of the world, along with raw vlog footage? They get to see all the dorkiness and Goofiness I edit out for the masses. So make sure you come check it out! Even if you don't donate, please share my content, so I can reach others!

- I streamed on Twitch for the first time! I finally figured out how everything works, and I am currently working on a schedule. I think I will be streaming at least once a week, I was thinking about doing Wednesday, but it keeps slipping my mind, so I think I might make it fridays. Like I said, its still in the works, but as soon as I know, you guys will know too!

- I started cleaning up the house for summer with my sister. I can see all of the floor in most areas, AND at least one of the desks is completely cleaned and organized so I can move my blogging operation to a desk instead of my lap in the bed. The desk will allow me to stay a bit more organized, where I lose things in the bed all the time. It drives me crazy.

- I've started narrowing down the choices for my 2nd tattoo. I think I will attempt to get it done for my birthday this year, and its going to be on my wrist. Just haven't decided between my BB-8 Mouse, or my Scooby Doo Tattoo. Ugh, Decisions!!! Are any of my awesome readers tatted? I'd love to see some of them, leave me a link in the comments?

- Purchased my first vinyl Collectibles! I got DJ Pon-3 and Octavia Melody from My Little Pony. They are my favorite part, about my favorite Episode "Slice of Life". When I saw them on the shelf in Wal-Mart, I just had to have them. They look so great all propped up on my desk, not sure if I want to keep them in the boxes or not. Thanks to Dexter's Lab, NRFB is floating through my mind, but I may ignore it for these ladies.

- I started doing style posts again. I sprinkle a little here and there, but this was my first, all about my personal style post I had done in a really long time! It felt good organizing my outfits and putting together a "lookbook" of styles for the Alice Movie. Which was great, and I enjoyed it very much. Alex is a great blog photographer, I may be taking advantage of his talent more often this summer, and upcoming blog year.

-  I got to see my sister graduate from High School, I am so proud of her! The day was ridiculously hot, and the way it was organized could have been better, and I honestly wanted to choke out the announcer, how could he mess up her name. I was super irked. but all in all, it was a fun time.

- Alex and I watched Freak of Nature, and it was amazing. It was definitely an homage to the super cheesy scary movies of yore, that I love. It had a more updated cast: Nicholas Braun, Vanessa Hudgens, and Mackenzie Davis. It centers around a small town that has Vampires, Zombies and Humans living together peacefully, until the Aliens attack. I highly recommend it!

- I've been playing Project X Zone 2 for the 3DS. I started playing a week before Memorial day, and I am now on level 21. I have met countless characters from franchises all over the gaming gambit. My favorite meetings have been: Chun-Li, Morgan, Felicia and Aty from Summon Knight. Every Time I meet a new character in the game, I take a picture of it, so I can talk to my dad about it, because he's super knowledgable about older games, and characters I may not recognize.

What are some of your favorite things that happened in May? Tell me on Twitter!!

Want more of me? You can find me here:

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My Thoughts on: Alice Through The Looking Glass (Spoilers!)

Hey Gang!

 It's been a while since I talked about movies, hasn't it? Since the beginning of May. By the way, I can't believe June is already here! Where in the world is the time going? Pretty soon, it will be my birthday, and then Alex's birthday and then Halloween and then our 3 year anniversary, man; time needs to slow his butt down. (see what I did there?) 
 I went to go see Alice on Thursday, the day before opening night. The theater was pretty packed, Alex, My sister and I had to sit at the top row. I was so interested in the movie, that I wasn't able to take notes until the very end, I basically just opened my notebook while the credits were rolling and word vomited all the thoughts that had been bubbling since the opening credits rolled.
 Here's what I thought about the movie. I absolutely loved that Alice was a sea captain. I loved that she was more of an adult and was doing something that most women of her time weren't, or even thinking about doing. I love that she was always called Captain, and not ma'am or anything that had to deal with her gender.
 Hamish was still a giant douchebag, but I'm so glad he finally got his comeuppance (sort of). Nothing makes me feel better than a man being told what for. What I love even more, is that it was her mother that told him! She stuck up for Alice in front of everyone i.e. sticking it to society in the better interested of her daughter. I love that we get more of a backstory for both Hatter, and Iracebeth. I love that in his stories, no one is bad for the sake of being bad. Everyone has a reason. I could totally see the Chronosphere being a hot nerd necklace item for the upcoming holidays. I've always been a fan of clocks, and their inner parts and gears. I was such a huge fan of the caretakers of the Grand Clock, especially, Wilkins. He was so adorable!
 I think it was interesting that Time was not only in charge of how the days pass through in Underland, but also life and death. He was Underland's God. At the beginning of the movie, he is portrayed as an evil kind of guy, however, I think he was just trying to be an over potective father of the Chronosphere and also looking out for his own self-interests. It was apparent that the longer the chronosphere was away from its perch, the more pain and despair he suffered.
 I absolutely loved that the film was dedicated to Alan Rickman. Also can we all be super honest and not pretend like the Cheshire Kitten wasn't the cutest thing in the entire movie?! Like literally, it made me the happiest I had been in a while, especially about a movie character. I feel like Iracebeth only wanted the truth, She did keep the Hightops alive, but that doesn't absolve her sins. Although, I do think it was cute, when she looked at the ground and said she had a thing for small things.
 I was intrigued by the similarities of Alice's Mother and Hatter's Father, although they were concerned about societal wants and needs, they didn't necessarily put them above the creativity of their children. I thought it was interesting that Hatter doesn't think Alice is His Alice when she doesn't believe in his impossible thing. I was super scared for the Hatter during this movie. He just kept looking sicker and sicker.

 Also was I the only one who took the solution of "Female Hysteria" was Rape? Like Moriarity
Dress/Socks/Bag: Hot Topic
Shoes: Rue 21
(He's been in lots of movies, but he'll always be Moriarity is to me.) was fighting her complaints something fierce, and then when Alice stabbed him with his own syringe he was out for the count. What would have happened to Alice after he had injected her with the syringe? I feel like the 1800's owe every woman an apology.
 I was a little sad that Alice gave up her "fallen Soldier", I absolutely adored that the seconds could come together and become minutes and then the minutes became hours.They were just these giant mecha robots. That just tickled me pink. The time Puns were Life!! I wanted Alice and her mother to put the Ascots out of business. They definitely deserves that. The costume designer did the damn thing, her go to war outfit was amazing!! I absolutely fell in love with the time ocean. It was so cool to see snippets of the days of the past, it would have been awesome, if they slipped in some of the scenes of the original animated series. Whatever happened to the Knight of Hearts from the first movie? He totally got knifed and I want to know why. He must have said something not too nice to Iracebeth.
 All in All, I really really liked this movie. I give
 it a solid 4 out of 5 stars, I wish it would have gone a little bit further in the past and saw a bit more of the princesses, I love that their aesthetic was punk rock. Mirwana had pink highlights in her hair, and a choker collar. It reminded me of my teenage days. If you were a fan of the original, you should go see the sequel and even if you weren't you should still go see it because it was a fun time.

 If you have seen it we should talk about it on twitter. I'm always up for talking about Alice, she's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

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OOTD: Civil War and LIberty Mall

Hey Gang!

 I'm trying to keep up with the momentum of my latest outfit post! This is a bit older, but since I haven't talked about this, I figured this would work out just great! On Mother's Day, I halfed the day. The beginning of the day, I spent at the hospital with my mother. and then the later half I spent with Alex and his family, exploring the new liberty township mall.
 We went to go see Captain America: Civil War in this super fancy dine-in theater, called Cine-Bistro. You guys, it was so posh! I couldn't believe it, I felt super weird taking photos in the theater, because I didn't want them to kick me out, or think I was trying to record the movie, so inside photos are cell phone quality. They served alcohol so you couldn't be younger than 21 in order to get in, but you guys I loved it so much! I wish I had thought of it, I would definitely like to be able to run my own little movie theater. I've been thinking about what I want to do as a career for the rest of my life lately, and movie theater owner, has been in the top 5 running for that past decade or so.
 The seats reclined with a push of a button. The menu had a decent amount of variety, but since I was still on my all seafood kick, I went with the Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon; On lemon whipped Potatoes with smoky bacon collard greens, saute'ed shrimp, tomatoes and avocado-key lime butter sauce. I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with this meal, because I've never had avocados before, and I've never been a fan of diced tomatoes. I've always liked them beaten to a pulp and pureed into a sauce. So this was definitely something new for me.
 I could see why you had to be 21 years old, this place really likes alcohol. An entire half of the menu is dedicated to it! They had lots of pretty desserts, but unfortunately I was unable to partake in any of them. Everything had nuts in it from the Chocolate Cake, to the Macaroons. With my Peanut allergy, I would have been put out of commission. I explored more of the mall area than the theater itself, and I took a bunch of pictures and video. I would like to go back when everything is open and explore whatever the Foundary might be. Alex and I even got some decent pictures taken out in the "Square".
  Civil War was amazing and actually more than I hoped for. I was so interested in the movie that I didn't take ANY notes during the screening! I absolutely fell in love with the way they portrayed the Black Panther, everything about him was perfect right down to the member of Dora Mejia. "Move or Be Moved", has become an online movement! Since you guys know I'm not a fan of Iron Man, I was totally on Captain Amterica's Side. So I had to make sure that my outfit reflected that. My top is from Walmart, Shorts are from Hot Topic along with my socks, and my shoes are from Rue 21.

Did you like Civil War? Lets talk about it on Twitter! I love talking to you guys about nerdom!

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