Adventures with Spokhette #16: Poe Tattoo

May 1, 2017

Hey Gang!

  Now that I'm back from C2E2, and have recovered from post con depression I can tell you all about my latest tattoo! The last time I had gotten a tattoo was in January so the beginning of the year, and for the last month and a half I had been itching for another tattoo off of my list. Ever since getting Victini on my right shoulder, I've been itching for more and more ink. I know they say that you always want more tattoos once you start, and for me it may be true.

  Easter Weekend, I walked into my fave shop, Artis Inks, and sat down for my appointment. This tattoo is the biggest one. By like 8 times. At first I was pretty nervous about getting it done, but now that it's here, I am so in love with it. Especially when I take outstretched selfies, because you can see the whole thing in my picture. The tattoo is a quote by Elalusz, "Our hearts are Monsters, it's why our ribs are cages" and then for Edgar Alan Poe, I got a raven with a red eye, reading a book. So technically it's two tattoos in one, which makes me feel a little bit better about how ginormous it is.

 Alex went with me and took lots of pictures of me, the artist, the work and the shop so I thought I would show you guys. I've had it since the 15th and I am already ready for yet another one off my list, I'm thinking it's going to be either my Vulcan Quote, Star Trek Insignia, or my Mini Detective Pikachu. Still batting around ideas, I just know that I'm ready for more.

 Do you have a tattoo?  Do you want more? Tell me about it in the comments or on Twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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