Center Stage is contagious

February 15, 2012

 I know I haven't written anything in a while and it almost feels like I'm going backwards lol.  Usually, when we aren't bogged down with homework, studying and our jobs we hang out in one of the lobbies, catch up with each other and watch movies. Just a good way to blow off steam. I'm finally starting to catch up with my history back assignments and I even got a 100% on the last one I sent in. Which really boosted my confidence. Which I really needed.
 Tonight we watched Center Stage and Turn it up. I have always regretted not continuing my dance education. Almost every night at some point or another I wish I had just listened to my mother and kept going. Tonight, the regret was heavy like a parked car on my chest, as I watched one of my favorite movies. I've always said that when I got some time I wanted to take some classes, ya know get back into shape.
 Well tonight the girls and I discussed taking classes downtown on a day we can all make it. Here's a list of the classes we can take:
-Modern Dance
-Ballet (Beg./Intermediate)
-Belly Dance
-Hip Hop
  The classes are super affordable and they are all open, so if we wind up not liking it we can just stop going and saving money. Depending on what class the girls decide to take up I ant to do the ballet. I think I should take a beginning class for about a year, and get back into "ballet" shape. Then maybe take an advanced class. Then Maybe I could work at an actual studio like during the summers or something. I'm very excited about this turn of events. It completely turned around my upside down attitude.

Mistress Out,


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