an important example of why I need a new laptop asap, written by my useless at creating good blog entries with pictures tablet.

April 9, 2012

 If you guys haven't introverted, this chick has been busy. This is my easter break, granted I go back tomorrow but It has been a blast, no homework nothing school related for 4 whole days! It was glorious. I completed seasons 1 and two of vampire diaries, and am only 16 episodes away from being caught up. Got my creative juices flowing and created some new items for the shop. (gasp and surprise all around) Yes, I said the shop. For those who thought she was dead, and's not dead just simply resting.
  Although speaking of dead, where has Sandy run off too? Went to see if she updated her page and suddenly it doesn't exist? When to read up on For and her blog is suddenly invited readers only? What is going on ladies?? Why am I so out of the loop?? I started creating a line of fingerless mittens called Boxies,. I can't wait to start showing you guys the character ones I created. They are so adorable. In the meanwhile though, I have updated the shop with the regular boxies, and the bow bodies. Here are  some photos!


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