I'm a Shameless Marvel Fan Girl.

November 11, 2013

 I am currently sitting in a Barnes and Noble in Newport, Kentucky. One, it was the only place I could find free wifi. Two, their cheesecake is horrible. Three, I am waiting for the time to pass until the beginning of the Thorsday movie marathon. Today Newport's AMC theatre is showing Thor , The Avengers and then the premiere of Thor 2: The Dark World.
  The reason I am such a shameless fangirl is because I ADORE Marvel. It doesn't matter what it is, how long its been out, or how long ago it was made. I will go pick it up, and give it a totally biased read through. The only Marvel Character that hasn't gotten this treatment is Iron Man. I know that most girls find Tony Stark to the be the Bees Knees. But I personally cannot stand him. I don't think he's cute, I don't think his attitude is attractive, and honestly if I was the black widow, I would have punched him in the face twice already because I honestly just don't have the patience, for people with his brand of confidence..
  Before this date, I had never given Thor another glance either. I just couldn't see it, you are a NORSE GOD. I just can't believe that you would want to be a superhero, or that you would want to even help us mere mortals. However, since Dark World comes out, I thought it was be a good way to understand the mind of Thor, and hang out with the besties. I starts in about 20 minutes so I'll be signing off soon, but just for discussionary purposes, anyone have any thoughts about the new Ms. Marvel?

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