1st day of classes...

January 11, 2010

  Okay...So today was the very 1st day of classes... I love My Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. It's not that they don;t seem hard, because...they do. But its more like they make the class interesting. And Since it seems interesting I'm not as quick to toss it to the side. I bought the books for World Civ. They Were massively expenisve! Guess, just take a guess at how much you think it would be...50 MF dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could get like 12 books for that price my god! THey're trying to starve me!!!!!!!!!!
   And don't even get me started on the other books!!!! Intro to Soc's alone is 114. + tax and CHANGE! They had the nerve to add change to that, there must be something in the water, hell there must be something in the air if they think people are going to pay that much for a book.
  But moving on...I'm reading the syllabus for Written Word and  Prof. Buffy is Freakin' Awesome! Like, You have to have a laptop with internet acces for her class right, and she's goin on about the things you shouldn't do while in her class, and she says no facebook(You can harvest your crops on your own time.) I was getting soooo weak! 
 Finally got my mailbox info. So I can order stuff, and get stuff at my dorm instead of having to wait on the weekend in order to get my packages. Speaking of which, My stuff from amazon is waiting for me at home except for my pillow case, which isn't scheduled to get here until freakin' February! Ain't that insane? But I'm still happy, because my Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencils, and my Hello Kitty Pencil case are finally here! Will upload as soon as I get pics. I have to go to bed so I don't miss class.
Love you!


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