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January 10, 2010

 So Hi everyone. I'm just checking in! I moved into my dorm room last night.  Paige and Biz are totally boss, and the R.A.'s cool too. I haven't really met anyone else yet. but it'll only be a matter of time until I meet them all. So Last night was full of new experiences!
  • Getting locked out of your dorm room is NOT fun!
  • Getting Physically home-sick...
  • Figuring out I was hungry too late and getting locked out of the dining hall
  • Having a head ache the size of texas...
  • Spending the whole night, updating my computer JUST so I could get on the internet...Goal was achieved around 4:15 this morning. From around 3 the following day. Wonderful isn't it??!
 Classes start tomorrow, and I'm already running into trouble there as well. Is there anything about college that is easy???? Other than getting raped, things being stolen, or failing???  Like I was trying to order my books and Not ONLY are they tres expensive, but one of them says something totally random about being a PDF file? So which one should I get? THe digital or the hardback? So of course being the resourceful woman that I am, I emailed the teacher. Who promptly sent me an email saying that they won't be back until the 21st which is grand and all but...WHO'S GOING TO BE TEACHING THE CLASS ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY>????????? Sometime's I dont' think they think these things all the way thru. lol
  Jeez louise! Have you ever seen that commercial with T*mobile when theyre talking about what you want out of a cell phone plan? And the seamstress says one that doesn't charge me one of these, and one of these? an arm and a leg? Well that's my answer to the library's request to buy my books from them Bless Bastet, it's high way robbery! My book for sociology? $114.97, and yes they have the nerve to add tax to that nonsense! That's the most expensive book, but if I bought everything from the bookstore, I'd be in the hole like almost 400 dollars! DO you know what I could do with 400 dollars? Hail Hecate, I could get car insurance with that thing!
   So, turns out I already know two people that go to my college...Erin, from TMD, and C.J. from school. I've seen hide nor hair of Erin since I got here, but I only just found out that C.J. was going here! I am soo geeked,  we can rekindle our long lost friendship! I haven't seen him since MTH Graduation....Immed my Aunti, she is sooo coool! On Wednesday, she's bringing me a bin of ramen noodles and treats...I knew that my aunt was great, but this is freaking amazing of her... Do you have any idea as to the length of time its been since I've had ramen noodles? Just their name makes my mouth salivate!
   There's no heat to be found in my dorm room and if I wasn't wearing my totally functional and adorable hello kitty slippers, I'd be freezing my poor tootsie's off! I don't understand why, I can't seem to turn on the heat, but I was in Biz's room earlier and it didn't seem that it was as cold as mine, maybe there isn't enough stuff in my room, maybe they hold heat...I'm doing everything I can, I'm wearing clothes on top of clothes, I'm under the covers as I type, wearing a sweater...AND a jacket...Plus I'm wearing my hair down so it can create extra heat, where's the hair heat when I need it?? Who knows...
  Still hide nor hair of my roommate, I wonder if their going to move someone else in here with me or if they're going to move me instead...I hope not, I mean I'm totally unpacked, my parents took the other two Suitcases, and besides, despite the lack of excitement and HEAT, I'm quite partial to my dormitory. Finally got the dock for my player, so I don't have to worry about my headphones. This year is going to be boss and I cannot wait to add pictures, from my new school. Alright, I need to find something ''Productive"to do with my time, so I'm going to log off...



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