Colleen Atwood: My Hero

February 27, 2011

 So this isn't an outfit post, but it has a lot of designs in it. This post is to express my proudness with Colleen Atwood. If you are unaware who she is, She just won her third oscar for costume design. Her movies include: Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a gesha and Chicago. I've been in plays and recitals since I was very young, and one of my favorite things about performing. Not the Rush of  hyperness I'd receive waiting behind th curtain. Not the Smirk that would take over my face when I hit the stage and knew exactly what I was doing, but the costumes we wore. How we could be anything we wanted to be just by pulling on a tutu, or a backless leotard.
 When I was able to change shoes it was the biggest thing ever. Ballet Slippers no longer, I slid my rather large toes into my brand new pair of Pointe Shoes in 8th grade. One of the best days of my life. My entire Dance Career. So whenever the Academy Awards come on, I am always glued to the Category for Costume Design. I can totally understand why Colleen won her 3rd oscar tonight. Her costumes are timeless and gorgeous. She totally deserved the win.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the Academy Awards.


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