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March 5, 2011

    So I've been reeling really really really lazy lately. Being lazy is not productive to keeping a fashion/style/Makeup blog. I mean people wan the latest trends and I'm FOREVER Johnny Come Lately. So My roommate from last year had a "sleepover" When really we just stayed up and watched Harper's Island. My mother would be so jealous. I have photos of what I wore..But I spent most of the time with my beau. He makes me sooo happy! So here's What I wore!

(Gap Collar Shirt, Charlotte Russe Lace tube Top and Refuge Skinny Jeans)
Don't forget to hype my look on Chictopia!
Also a question for everyone! Please respond in the comment box. I have a party to go to on Monday night.
I want to wear this shirt, what would look good with this top?



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