Baby it's cold outside.

December 2, 2011

 Am I the only one disturbed by this abrupt change in weather? I mean I know Cincinnati is the Bi-polar capital of weather, but still. It was 70  two days ago, and I was freezing yesterday. MAKE UP YOUR MIND?!  But with this change of weather brings exciting news. I am currently updating the shop with brand new ITEMS!!!
 We have several scarves and Hats created by Claire De Cat productions!! Until Claire can come up with a suitable name for her line, that's what I shall call them.
1. Pastel Egg Scarf- $12 5ft long, CRAZY SOFT
2.Burgundy Maze Scarf- $15 5 1/2ft long. Legit in a zigzag design.
3.Royal Lace Scarf- $12 Multi textured, Lace design with glitter
4.Poprocks scarf- $8 Child edition, Crazy SOFT
5.Elf Scarf-$6 Child Edition
7.Elf Hat- a creation dobby could be proud of. $8
6. Stripey Scarf: Multi-textured design, with glitter and tassles $12

All Pieces will be in the shop by tomorrow. Get them before there gone!

Welcome to December Ladies and Gents. 

Mistress Spokhette


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