How-To:Chevron Nails 300th post.

December 7, 2011

 I know today is supposed to be Work in Progress Wednesday, but my WIP, is looking a touch more than worse for wear and I don't really wanna show you guys to be truthful. At least until I clean it up. So instead I'm going to show you guys another brand new nail tutorial.
To learn how to do it read after the jump!

2 coats Ulta: Set the Nude

2 coats Sephora:Read my Palm

Claire's Nail Art pen: Black
Paint thorughly at least 2 coats.
Paint thoroughly at least 2 coats.
Draw your Chevron/squigglies
Again.  Apply clear topcoat. For results above!

There you have it super quick and easy. All you need is a little patience and a steady drawing hand.

Mistress out,


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