Comics Round Up #1

May 9, 2013

 I don't know how many people know this, But I LOVE comic books. The last Blog contributing job I had I was Comics Contributor for GGC. GOD I MISS THAT MAGAZINE! Black Girl Nerds is a pretty cool job, but they already have someone covering comic books. So My passion for writing about it is kind of cramping someone else's style.
 *insert awkward personal item here* So I've started dating someone new, and they are into comic books as much as I am. In fact, we have a standing date, every Wednesday before work so we can pick up our respective new issues. So I thought I would start documenting my Comic book collection before it gets to vast for me to go back and comment on them all.

- Catwoman New 52: 1- 19
- X-men Reprint #1
- Robin Year one: 1-4
-Huntress 6 Shot: 1-5
- X- Men #1 Marvel Now
- Batgirl New 52 1-3 and The Annual #1
- Little Gotham #1
- Huntress Reprint #1

Stay Tuned, for another one next week!


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