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October 27, 2014

 Welcome to the re-branding of my blog. The Noire Menagerie is a looking glass to any and all that interest me. An all-encompassing lifestyle blog! My hobbies have changed slightly since the days of Mistress Arachnid and Vulcan Sugar and Spice, and the Noire Menagerie will allow me to brand and showcase myself in a brand-new way! This overhaul has been a coming for a while, mainly because I was honestly just loosing interested in blogging. It wasn't fun to log in, it was tedious to create articles, I just felt like it wasn't the way it used to be. Which for me, always means I need a change.
 So here is to new adventures as I grow and expand my horizons as I hope you will join me for this journey. What you can look for with this re-branding:

- A more laid back approach to blogging
- Posts 2X a week
- Personal Style
- Knitting + Crochet projects and Patterns
- Baking and Recipes
- MORE VIDEO GAMES + Interviewing Girl Gamers
- Youtube to arise from the dead.
- Easier Navigation, Being able to find exactly what you need.
- Convieniant Instagram and Twitter tie-ins.
- Even More Interaction!!!

 I hope to Launch Noire Menagerie by the 5th of November!!

See ya soon,

P.S, For more information, please refer to Twitter and Instagram!


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