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September 18, 2009

The movie night was a blast! We picked him up from his house around three o clock, he got out, entered the car, sat in the back with me, and...that was it. Yep, complete silence sitting in the back of the car for the 35 minute long car ride. (and yes, I counted.) I haven't seen him in over 3 weeks and the whole ride is silence, I didn't even get a hug. So needless to say I was pissed off, the whole 35 minute ride, trying to figure out what I did to piss him off so bad! In either case; it was not a nice ride, even though we were on the scenic route.
We finally arrived home, he made himself comfortable on my couch, and dived into an XXL magazine. Guess, he only feels at home in Jay-z's arms. I walked to the kitchen and began making dinner. Homemade fries drenched in chili and cheese, home made shredded cheese may I add...That I made. But who cares about the love and effort put into a homemade dinner? Hmm.. especially not my man.
But (HAZZAH!) He decided to come in while I'm shredding cheese, and join me in the kitchen! And things start to look up! So I finish slicing up the fries and start the chili, when suddenly he twirls me around, pushes me against the microwave, and we make out like the hot savage sex hungry teenagers that (we) are. And when we pull away and take the deep (haggard) breath we so deeply needed and he tells me that he misses his strawberry. But what else is a girl to do but melt?
The rest of the night was a blast! My cousin came over to mow our lawn, because our lawnmower blew up the past week. ( Story for another time) and then when he finished he came in and joined us for a movie. The movie that we (finally) settled on. Xmen: Wolverine Origins. And it (KICKED ASS!) Not that I was with the ending. How (dare) you leave Kayla (Silverfox) to die like that?! That is (just) not cool! But niether is laughing at me the whole ride home, when I began to tear up over her loss! Can you blame me for being a hopeless romantic?
And what was with my cousin;s warning. ("Take car of my little cousin bra.") ("No doubt bra, I got it.") I am NOT AN IT! I am a young woman, beating heart and all. Not an it. Needless to say that was not the way I wanted to night to end, and just to put the cherry on the pie, I did not get a goodnight kiss. (I was not happy!)
Well, that was a nice wrap up and I started to watch Veronica Mars and it turned into a marathon. And now, I've decided to take up photography. Isn't it nice?


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