Not Fair!

September 9, 2009

Okay, so I just tried to sign up for mobile posting, seeing as I'm not on here often, when I find out that my service provider...Cricket, doesn't participate in mobile posting for Blogger. I'm uber ticked off. I can get my email, my tweets, even facebook messages but I can't post to Blogger. I am very unhappy. Lets catch up shall we? Since the last entry is a month ago! You guys probably thought I was dead!
I'm not dead, still alive and well. Still working! Still trying to find a school. Check out my twitter account! risque_rabbit17! I've got pics and I had a follower, but it was just some dumb bitch with x rated photos. What a ho...She wasn't even interested in what I had to say. No body wants to see her naked body. Just another Vanessa,Miley,Adrienne, Paris Hilton wanna be.
Speaking of which. I was chilling with my friends AnnAry, and Kie having lunch on break. A huge, chicken sandwich topped with bacon,cheese,jukesauce,onions,lettuce,and pickles. Hold the tomato please and fries. and we started talking about food disorders and things of that nature and somehow, we got on to the subject of people making music just because their famous. and AnnAry said did you know that Paris Hilton had an album. And then someone asked what she was famous for and I went off. Talking about her sex tape and her extensions. It was funny as hell, we should have youtubed that shit.
Now, I'm simply waiting on my letters of Recommendation from Katie and Danny. To be truthful, they are taking forever! It's been almost 3 weeks now! How hard is to say what a wonderful person I am, it's not like they have to lie, I am AWESOME! Lol. So Alleycat, is going to write one for me as well. I'm going to take some free online classes, until I get accepted. SO hopefully I won't have to take them too much longer!


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