Makeup by Moi: NOTD, and New Makeup

July 9, 2010

SO I know, I have been sorely lacking in the makeup review department, and Im so sorry, I've just been really busy with school and trying to get my temps and things like that, so here it is. I think I'll do a youtube video as well!
So here's the NOTD: Estee Lauder: Beige Rose, and here's what it looks like, it glides on extremely smooth and the color is gorgeous with my skin tone. However, it chips extremely easy! I painted them with two coats on the fifth of this month, and its only the seventh and six of my fingernails are chipped like no ones business... my score: **/***** Two out of five.
And here's the Makeup Haul: Covergirl palette: Tropical Fusion and here's what it looks like. I love the colors, and they look great on my skin, however, they fade very fast! Like extremely fast!Like Not even a few hours type fast. I've even used base, and primer, it still fades way too fast. **/*****
Then the Lips Haul: Maybelline Lip Polish: Clearly pink + Plum Shine. Both lip glosses are very bright, and give you the look of perfectly glossed lips. I like them both however, Plum shine is a very deep plum color on lips of people who happen to be dark/fair skinned. When I put it on, I had to Lighten it about five time until I was happy with the look. Everyone girl worth their salt in makeup remembers the first lip gloss their mother bought them. It was usually that bubblegum pink color very light pink with the silver sparkles, I know I am not the only one who remembers this common color, Clearly Pink, reminds me of that nostalgic lip gloss color. and here's what they look like. Clearly Pink: *****/***** + Plum Shine: **/*****

Peculiarly yours,


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