Comics Roundup #21: The Siren's Unboxing and Review

January 22, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited about this post you guys! I follow a lot of artists on instagram it really really inspires me. Instagram and Twitter are my favorite apps. I found this artist on instagram: Jacquelin De Leon and instantly fell in love. Her work is so beautiful, when I found out she put out a comic, I had to have it! Once it finally came back into stock I ordered the whole Limited edition set. It included Volume one of her Comic: The Sirens, A Fabric Patch with the Siren's tag, and a Poster. The Comic is absolutely beautiful. It feels and looks amazing, like she hand drew everything!

 She signed the inside cover for me, and I can't wait to sew the patch onto something. The Poster is already hanging up in my room and I can't wait to buy more of her work. The sirens is a girl gang from San Francisco, who are just living life and enjoy pizza when a rival boy gang, the scorpions attempt to take over and it just doesn't go the way they thought it would. I was a little surprised by how violent it was, but by the second reading, I actually liked it better that way, just because they're girls doesn't mean it has to be sugarcoated and sweet. Girls can be violent and we can be downright dangerous when you come for whats ours. I hope people reading this book realize that and attach it to real life. A woman is nothing to scoff at.

- I love Jacquelin's art. It's smoky and seductive and makes you take a second look.

- I love that the story surrounds four women, all different, diverse and that they are curvier than your regular comic characters.

- These girls are totally badass and they mean business. They defended their territory and when it did get destroyed they took the fight to the destroyers and destroyed them. (How many times can you use destroy in a sentence Gabby?)

- I love the depth the girls have and how close they are to each other. They're like a family.

- I was particularly interested in how strongly the girls defended not only their turf but other women on the street that were being stalked and harassed by the Scorpion gang. I'm glad they got what they deserved.

- I was also interested in where the girls hung out while they were planning their revenge plan after their hideout was burned, and where they set up the new location.

- I do have a question about what happened to Sage's arm. Maybe it will be in explained in another issue.

  I have seriously fallen in love with this series and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I have been stalking the website waiting for the next issue to be released. If you love stories with actually strong female leads and compelling characters that you want to know about, this is the comic for you! You can purchase it from her shop, along with stickers, pins and other Sirens merchandise. If you'd like to learn more about the artist, you can visit her site here, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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