Cinema #12: Little Witch Academia + The Enchanted Parade *Spoilers*

January 15, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Oh my goodness, I am so in love with this series. The characters are adorable and completely relatable. The world is so magical and colorful. Its super hard not to get swept up in akko's boundless energy, no wonder Suxy and Lotte are always in trouble. I also love how silly everything is. Trashcans move, spirits in any little thing come say hello, and Sucy's remedy is Poison, Poison is Remedy bit makes me laugh every time.

- I'm wondering if the Professor with no name is Chariot. And if not, What happened to Chariot to where Akko can use her staff?

- I think it is interesting that even in a magical world you still have that old societal addage, giving whitches a bad name.

- I absolutely love the diversity in the classroom? Indian witches? I hope they expand on that in the 3rd one.

- Whats up with Diana? She's like an elitest witch, I wasn't aware that was a thing. They're like mean girl witches, and those two girls with her? Sterotypical anime girls. "Thats right Thats Right!"

- Poor Akko, there doesn't seem to be a single thing she's particularly good at.

- Why is everything so cute? Even the monsters are absolutely adorable.

- That labryinth was pretty dangerous, leaving Minotours lying around and magically bound magical eating dragons? Who thought that was a good idea?

- Those mean girls, are so rude! Calling them incompentant witches, when they literally saved their life!

I'm glad that it has a sequel, but why are there only two films? I wish they'd do an anime. It could be great! I need a lot more backstory to Sucy and the Professor. In Two, we find out a decent chunk of Lotte's Backstory. I already know way too much about that troublemaker Akko! I watched both movies in successionl I was surprised to find out it was done by the studio taht gave us kill la kill. I haven;t seen the series yet, even though I've heard great things, I was turned off by the art.
 I think Sucy might be my favorite character. I love the way they designed her to look like a ghoul/zombie. Her voice and Demeanor  reminds me a lot of the necromancer, from Code of Princess. I see a cosplay of her in my imminent future. I did want to do more cosplay this year. I'm going to do at least two costumes. One for each convention I planned on attending in 2016.

If you haven't seen the movies yet, they are available on Netflix. If you have seen them, lets talk about them? I just can't get over how adorable Sucy is, she's moved to the top of my list of costumes for the year.

 Stay Nerdy!


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