Series #14:You Should Be Watching: My Little Pony

October 14, 2015

Hey Gang!


Welcome to a new series!!! In Reasons you should be watching, I will write a detailed post about one show, that I think you should watch. It's pretty simple. I have a lot of people rolling their eyes right now, because I chose My Little Pony. Withold your judgement, I'm not finished yet!

Reason 5: Continuity. When I was younger, there were very few shows that had continuity, now there are children shows with entire story arcs! Cartoons have seriously moved up! I love that My Little Pony introduces characters and keeps them, that they show up two to three seasons later.

Reason 4: Comedy. Now when people think of the show, they think of Pinkie Pie as the sole source of hilarity, and while she certainly lives up to the hype, she's not the only serving jokes. Between Dischord, Fluttershy and Rarity's issues with the normal things in life, there is no shortage of comedy.

Reason 3: Character Development. When the show started out, there were five ponies getting to learn about each other. Now I'm into their fourth season together and they're almost completely different from when they started. They are more like a family than a group of friends. They have actually been through many battles together, and have even found forgiveness for those they fought against before. What used to scare them doesn't as much, and they've become a much more accepting group of ponies.

Reason 2: The Music. The Music in this show is awesome, upbeat and super catchy. I'm surprised that they aren't selling the music honestly. I remember when you could get OST of the anime or cartoon you were loving. Now it's a lot more difficult to get your favorite jams. Plus all the references in the music ya'll, to see what I'm talking about check out Discord's A glass of water!

Reason 1: Zecora.  Now to get real biased for a minute. I absolutely love Zecora. She is my favorite character. She is the number reason you should watch this show. Sure she doesn't show up very often but when she does it is such a treat! She speaks in rhymes, and her voice reminds me of Storm from X-men. She's a Zebra, and she helps the ponies when they're in trouble, which is pretty often if you really think about it! Plus it's a great episode for the lesson of not judging books by their covers!

 If you do watch My little Pony, lets talk about how awesome it is! Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter! I love talking about nerdy things with ya'll! Don't be shy, we're all nerdy here!

 Stay Nerdy.


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