Comics Roundup #14

October 19, 2015

Hey Gang!
 I'm back with more COMICS!!! It's been quite some time since I last wrote about comics, because its half I haven't been to the comic shop in a while and half, the last time I did pick up comics, I got so many I couldn't read them in one sitting. So I decided that I would use a really boring work day, to read the rest of them and I did.

Bombshells #1-2: Its a little weird to read about my favorite heroes in the back story of World War Two and Hitler. Odd that Stargirl and Supergirl being russian and sisters. But surprisingly that is not the biggest thing that bothered me My biggest thing is that between issues one and two the art changes. I like Savages art so much better. One thing that I do like much better in this, is the friendships between the female characters that weren't there before. Like Diana and Mera. Supergirl and Stargirl. I would like to learn a bit more abuot the other amazon's shown; especially Episteme, Techne and the pink haired one. I have so many questions too? Why is Zatanna under the Joker's Daughter's Rule? Ugh so many questions.

A-Force #3 I am really loving all the female friendly comics that are coming out recently. Like really really love it!! Who is the traitor? When will Glittery get a real name? Can we also talk about the fact that Doom has his own world, and the protectors are Thors? I'm just a little confused as to why its just ok to give doom his own world, and to run it as he sees fit...But then again, I didn't really read any other marvel comics dealing with Doom so maybe he's better now?

Captain Marvel #1: I only have one thing to say about this. Why did it take me so long to read this? How did this slip through my list of strong female chatacters? Kit also sounds familiar to me, I wonder if she becomes a hero a little later then when this story takes place. Next time I do go to my local show I will be grabbing some back issues, or at least a tradeback.

What have you been reading lately? What are some titles you guys are looking forward to picking up? Let me down below or on twitter!! I'd love to talk Comics with you guys!!

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