5 days of Halloween: Totoro

October 29, 2015

Hey Gang!
 Today I was Totoro, your friendly wind Guardian Chinchilla. Unfortunately, it didn't go over very well. Not a lot of people knew who the character was, so people just thought I was a mouse. *sigh* In their defense, maybe the ears were a bit small. I made them from an old t-shirt and stitched them on the machine, when I turned them inside out for stuffing, they really shrank! I think if I did this costume again, I would most definitely draw a much larger pattern. I'd rather them be to big then too small. I used Nyx felt tip liner for the nose and whiskers and my cat eyes.

My neighbor Totoro

What have you dressed up as this week? I'd love to see! SO let me know in the comments below.

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