September Favorites!

October 7, 2015

Hey Gang!

 It's time to tell you guys about all the cool things I discovered last month! I spent a lot of the month surfing the web and networking with other bloggers, and finding super awesome shops with adorable items!

She Loves Dresses: Half Fashion Blogger/ Half Intersectional Feminist and all around badass. I love reading her posts, and I'm always checking out her instagram. I'm addicted.

Re-discovering Persona Q: I bought it quite sometime ago, started it and then for some reason put it on my gaming shelf and there it stayed. I'm Makoto and I'm on level 9 but I keep getting killed by those king Beetle things, they are so difficult.

Getting to talk to Brenden Fletcher and having his business card: There is a video and a blog post dedicated to how awesome this was to me, so I won't delve to deep.

Getting a photo with Adam West: There is a Blog post and I'm working on a video talking about how awesome this was, so I won't talk your head off about it here now.

Getting interviewed by Evon Von!: This was my first interview by another blogger and it was awesome. I was so excited to be contacted for this you guys, you just have no idea. I've been blogging for a really time, and I've never really been featured on anyone's blog's before this year, and I was just so hyped about the opportunity.

Scoring an interview with Andrea of Killin me softly: I have talked about her so much, but her stuff really is amazing!

Discovering Trinket Geek: I have been looking for nerdy jewelry that doesn't look like its going to fall apart if I pull so hard, and their stuff is SO CUTE!!! I am so in love with their Sailor Mars Henshin Symbol Bracelet! 

Bara-Chan's Glittery Pluto: I can't even deal with the cuteness.

What were some cool things you discovered last month? Tell me below or on Twitter!

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