Series #8: My love-hate relationship with Dr. Who

February 26, 2015

Hi Gang!
 Today, I'm going to talk about why I am four seasons behind on Dr. Who. When I first started Dr. Who, I loved it. It was such a cool interesting idea, a television program that had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't understand how so many knitters watched it and got projects done, I was at the edge of my seat on every episode. I would wake up early on days when I didn't have to do anything, scurry down to the television in the living room, with my comforter, and snacks, and watch Dr. Who, for hours.
 I binged the first season. Then the second. Then I came across a problem. All of the characters that I thoroughly enjoyed encountered issues. I didn't like the way the Companions were being treated. In fact, I started to have real issues with the way the Companions were just being used and tossed away when he was done with them. When he found Martha, I was overjoyed. BBC was good at having diverse extras, but very rarely are they lead characters, or even characters that were going to be around for the next couple of episodes.

- Martha has been the only companion that the Doctor has forgotten who he was and she was stuck as a slave/maid, until he recovered. As a woman of color, I saw a real issue with this, it took me about a month to start watching again.

- He invites Women to travel with him, and then when he tires of them, just drops them off in the spot where he found them. I feel like he kind of uses them, and then when he's done he tosses them away like an old newspaper.

- The way he just sent Rose off to a whole new dimension, and all that hard work for her to get back only to be sent back, with a copy of her doctor? 1/2 upset, 1/2 happy. I was very torn by the season 4 finale. Half happy that Rose gets to be with the "doctor", half upset, because she's basically getting a carbon copy. Even though, Rose ends up happy, I feel like she deserved better.

- I think my biggest pet peeve so far, has to be the way they treated Donna. By far, my absolute favorite Companion, and I feel like she got screwed the worse. She was the only companion that didn't fall in love with the Doctor, She was able to save the Tardis, and pretty much the world, and then her reward? She quickly becomes insane because of the amount of knowledge and has her mind erased? Which I guess, wouldn't have been so bad, but it was the way they left her. All Superficial and "clueless" like chatting away on her cell phone. It was like they gave her power, and realized it after the fact, and then stripped it away from her, leaving her a superficial stereotypical woman. It pissed me off so much, that I have not returned it.  I'm pretty sure they're on season 8 now right?

 50 years of the Doctor, he regenerates, but has not become a person of color, OR a woman? I am uncertain if I will return to the series, the way they did Donna, it just made me feel so helpless as a female watcher.

le Sigh,
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel,


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