Comics Roundup #5: Ten Comics to add to my Pull List

February 12, 2015

Hi Gang!
  The last couple of days have been rife with comic book news! With Convergence and End of Days so near both DC and Marvel have been practically bursting with new additions, and since New 52 is ending, I will definitely need to find something new to read. A lot of the titles that they are introducing sound great, and since I was a bit behind, it will be good to get the continuing titles that I was missing. Thanks to my amazing twitter feed, I've come across a bunch of new comics that I didn't even know was in existence. If you are on twitter Make sure you follow #blackcomicsmonth and #28daysofBlackcosplay !
- Watson and Holmes published by New Paradigm Studios and Written by Karl Boilers. This is a reimagining of Doyle's classic characters, as African-American, in a more urban setting solving unique crimes. The cool thing about this is Holmes doesn't have the run of the show, they equally share the limelight, and the art looks so cool, I'm kind of really excited to read it, Comixology has #1 for 1.99, I'm going to invest, and so should you!

- Black Canary by Brenden Fletcher + Annie Wu. First, this is automatically in my list just because Black Canary is my favorite Heroine, she's getting a "fresh" start in her own solo, and it's written by the awesome man who gave me the New Batgirl and Gotham Academy with Babs Tarr and Becky loonan respectively. I am so stocked for this, why is June so far away?

- Silk #1 by Robbi Thompson + Stacey Lee. This is the perfect opportunity for me, to start fresh with the VAST Spiderman Universe! The art by lee looks amazing, and I really loved the art in Steed and Mrs. Peel, Which I will be picking up later as Well. Silk launches on the 18th of February.

- Spider-Gwen by Jason Latour + Robbi Rodriguez,  Gwen has always been one of my favoirte characters and it will be fun to see her not dead, and saving the world on her own! Plus, I totally dig the art, it's kinda futuristic but still reminds me of the 60's, and it's super colorful, all the things that bring me to a comic in the first place! Sometime this Febraury, I'll be picking it up, I haven't really heard a finitive date.

- A-Force by G. Willow Wilson +  Marguerite Bennet.  Again, I'm in love with the art, and the fact that it's the first all female Avenger's team, GO MARVEL! It gathers Great Marvel women from all over the UNIVERSE! I saw Storm, She Hulk, Jubilee, Rouge, Wasp just to name a few! It launches in may, I guess I'll just have to keep reading X-men, until it comes out.

- Storm by Greg Pak + Victor Ibanez
. I can't believe I just heard about it, it's already on issue 5! It is a must have, I hear the writing is good and the art that I've seen looks good to me. Plus, I am a fan and a woman of Color, I feel like it is my civic duty to read Storm's first Solo run! To me that is so HUGE! It's already on shelves, Grab it from your local, or Comixology!

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel,
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