Comics Roundup #27: New 52 Nightwing Vol. 1-2

November 30, 2016

Hey Gang!

 You guys I have seriously been sleeping on the library when it comes to getting comics from the library. I'm not sure if it's because I never noticed them, when I was visiting libraries in Cincinnati. I was much more interested in romance novels and this sense of grandeur that I didn't really have for myself. When I moved down to Kentucky, Nothing was the same, I was in a new place, surrounded by new people, and I only knew Alex, and had met his parents like once. So I think I gravitated to the graphic novels and comics section to the library because it was something I recognized. I had gotten way more into comics around the time I started dating Alex, and it was kind of a safe haven for me.

 You guys know that Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin ever, but if I have to be honest , I haven't always liked his career as Nightwing. I think I prefer his stint as Batman, or his Robin days. So when I saw the entire Graphic Novel series from New 52 by Barrows and Higgins, I knew I had to give him another chance. The last Batman comic I read was little Gotham, you can read my feels here. Snyder's series was a little dark, so I didn't check it out. I have the first Graphic Novel, because it introduces the Court of Owls which is my favorite bad guy ever, but I didn't bother to continue reading on.

 I love how they connect the story to Dick's Beginnings. It's such a unique spin on an old tale. That's something I've always loved about comics, their ability to recon anything. The first novel, gave us a decent inside look at Dick's Circus life. Before and After Bruce, His childhood friends and Mentors. "The true purpose of Haly's Circus". There's still lots of murder and action, all though the blood was easy to stomach, maybe I'm just biased about Grayson. *Shrug*

 I love that Dick is not only head of the Circus, but is actually interested in preserving it and finding new ways for it to flourish. I don't love that he and Babs aren't a thing, or that they are laying seeds between Sonya (Offspring of his parents Murderer) but I guess I'll live. It's not like He's real, and even if he was I'm not single, so that's a fantasy for another time.

 I really must say that I love the flashbacks to Old Gotham, and the connected stories of Cobb and Dick. I'm a little concerned though, they never mentioned if Bruce was okay after Cobb escaped. I want to know more about the owls, and their freezing methods. I would also love to know whose actually behind the masks. They always say Gotham's finest, but who would that entail?

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