A Note to My Readers

November 14, 2016

 Hello My Lovely Gang Members,

  This post will be a little different. I have been writing Nerdette At Large in Various forms since before I graduated High School. A lot of you have been around since then, and I thank you for your patience. I have finally narrowed down, exactly what kind of message and community I want to have with Nerdette at Large Readers, and I am coming pretty close to perfecting it, I think.
 I wanted to write this letter to you because everyone is having Post-Election feelings, and I also have some to share. I want to say that I am extremely disappointed and scared that Trump is our new Potus. Jokes aside, he has actually won the election and will be in charge of others lives, after January and I am terrified. He has only been elected for about 5 days and already reports of People of Color, being bullied, harassed and attacked have been flooding in. I'm not saying that he is the reason for the "sudden increase" but he has given those who types of people, a voice and a leader. I personally feel, that Donald Trump, doesn't have respect for anyone unless they are a cis white male. This is a major reason why intersectional feminism is so important. Some White women chose to overlook their gender/sex, and voted to "keep their privilege" instead, at the expense of others, who they are supposed to be allies to.

 I want my readers, and others who may visit my website to know that Nerdette Minute and Nerdette At Large, will always be a safe haven for all people. All Ethnicities, all sexual Orientations, and all genders. As a Bi, Black Woman, with a safe haven for herself, how could I not offer it to others in need? I know that the next four years, will be a tough road, but we are strong, and we shall climb, and we shall persevere. I am not telling you that everything will be ok, because I don't know that it will. But I am saying, that as long as Nerdette At Large is standing, so am I, and that my arms are open wide to envelope you all into a safe place, of no judgment, and only love. I am always here to listen to anything you wish to tell me.
 Feel free to contact me through Twitter, Email, or Instagram. My "Internet door" is always open. I also wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to all of my followers, over the weekend, I passed 500 followers on Twitter, and I honestly don't even know how it happened, but I thank you so much for your support.

Just Remember our gal Pal, Garnet " We are made of Love, and it's Stronger than you".

Until Next Time Gang,
Be safe, Be Nerdy. and Be aware.


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