Adventures With Spokhette #3: Thanksgiving.

December 2, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I hope your turkey day was fun had by all! I hope that you found time to spend the day with your families, friends and loved ones. I hope you found that the holiday isn't all cheers and that you found it in your heart to donate to those less fortunate to yourselves, especially the protestors of the DAPL, at Standing Rock. If you haven't and have extra money now, here are the links that you can visit to help them out. Lets not forget that Thanksgiving has the one of the bloodiest beginnings and histories.
 My Sister hosted Thanksgiving this year. It was also the first time my father was meeting the New boyfriend. No need for alarm, it went decently well, no bloodshed and the like. We had an entire table spread. My father was in charge of the Turkey and the Ham. My mother did Mac N Cheese, Corn and Green Bean Casserole. . I was in charge of Stuffing and Mashed Potatos, and Alex made twice baked potatoes that were just to die for. Literally, like all of them were gone before leftovers were even thought of.
 We spent the night watching a horrible football game, listening to 90's jams in the background and playing Heads up, for hours. It was an absolutely wonderful night, full of filled bellies, and raucous laughter. It was a great night had by all.

How did you spend your thanksgiving weekend? I hope you enjoyed lots of delicious food. Lets trade recipes on Twitter!

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 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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