Comic Round Up #17 SPOILERS!

November 18, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I hope you guys read the previous post! Make sure you don't miss out on the giveaway going on! Issues #36 through #40! I'm going to be covering Black Canary #4-5, Gotham Academy #10-11 and Zodiac Starforce #1! Since there are so many comics that I need to get through Lets just get to the good stuff!

Zodiac StarForce: I've been following Paulina Ganucheau on Twitter for a while now, and I love her art so much! I love that this comic is a magical girl story with some diversity. I hope they are queer baiting with Lilly. I really like her and want them to be together, because they make a really cute couple Whats up with the Evil Girl Gang? and Kidnapping Alice? How does that work? Who just kidnaps a girl and then brings her back to school like nothing ever happened?! I am not a fan of how Emma treats Molly, She only wants the team back together again, and it appears that Molly was left out of hang outs and such because of her obsession with the monsters and that didn't seem cool to me. However, it is mentioned that Emma Lost her mother is the battle, so I can understand where she was coming from. I can't wait for the next issue!

Gotham Academy: Olive's Mom is still alive? Can we talk about the cameos in this?!?! Clay Face's Daughter, poor Katherine. If I had a child I would be highly concerned about student safety if they attended that school. Also these issues in particular, screamed Hogwarts to me, did anyone else get that vibe? How freaking adorable is Maps? Like seriously, she's my spirit animal. I love the "all robins are red" joke. I need to know who did the art for the fire Flashback because it is freaking beautiful! Like seriously!!!Plus a key to Arkahm? I can't wait for the next issue, I need to know whats up!!

Black Canary: The Story is getting so freaking good! I really don't like Bo but she is the bad guy, so its probably expected. I wonder what Ditto can do that has all these people trying to kidnap her, and whats up with that record label. There's totally something funky going on there. I was so geeked to see Crossovers! I loved that Frankie was helping Dinah run the trace! I also need to know who the White Ninja is, and if Bo has Canary Type powers now. Ugh, two issues and all I have now is MORE QUESTIONS!!!!

Have you guys been reading anything good?  Tell me on Twitter!!!

 Stay Nerdy.


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