Nunjas! Cinema #14: Batman Bad Blood

January 29, 2016

Hey Gang!

 As you guys know I am a huge Batman fan, and what better way to celebrate my love Bruce Wayne and his bat family then to review the newest animated Film?! When I saw the trailer, I was pretty excited about the movie when I heard about it and I was literally counting down the days until it came out, and I couldn't wait to watch it! Then Cheyenne from Pretty Brown and Nerdy did a Spoiler free review on Friday, and I didn't want to watch it until I had seen the movie. So I made it top priority to see it over the weekend, besides, who doesn't want to see BatWing AND Batwoman animated? I was all over that.

- I was so surprised that Firefly and Mad Hatter were integral parts of the story, especially since these weren't supervillains.

- Mmmm, Dick Grayson. That chain has got to go! But who the hell is Cory? I was kind of glad that even though it was animated, it wasn't super clean. Its good for art to grow with its audience.

- Can you imagine Gotham without Batman? I can't, especially not for two weeks, 1 day and 15 hours.

- I was so excited about Batwing and Lucious Fox, Yes to DC Inclusion!!

- I was totally in love with Kate's Haircut.

- It always seems to start with Death for the batfamily doesn't it? Kate loses her sister Elizabeth and her Mother Gabrielle.

- Damian and Dick Grayson as Batman? What more could you want?

- I love how everyone knows Dick isn't really batman. It's almost like a running joke.

- Lucious better live or ELSE! How does Heretic know about the Vault?

- Mad Hatter working with Talia?! Heretic definitely has feelings for Talia.

- Batwing looks so badass!!!

- Damian is so adorable while he's getting bandaged up.

- What happened to the mental walls that Bruce is supposed to have set up? Hatter is going through them like swiss cheese! I hate how easy it is for Heretic to just infiltrate everything.

- I'm so in love with Batwing, I need to see more of him.

- Was I the only one creeped out about Heretics feelings about Talia? "I want to know you like he knows you?" Thats his mom dude, thats gross.

- My favorite quote" Nuns with Katana's and M60's? That would make them Nunjas."

- Love that the ceiling collapses on the guy fighting Damian and Bruce. Pure Comedy.

- "Oh my god, Kid, you're mom's got game.

- Talia is flippin crazy for this plan, but you have to get give her some credit, Brain Control?

- Dick finally gets to prove himself against Bruce and gets his arm broken? Not Cool.

- When Mad Hatter looses his head, and Alfred says Bloody Hell, that was crazy!

- Wow! I'm going to need Talia to be locked up for a while after this. "We can always make more?" What the hell is wrong with her?!

- I was so mad at the Taliamobile though, I was glad at her ending.

- I was half shocked and half excited to see the New Batgirl in the movie? I don't know what they're going to do with her in the newer movies but I'm hoping it will be great. She looked awesome animated. 


If you've seen the movie what did you like or not like about it? Lets talk on twitter!

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