Cinema #13: Spectre (Spoilers)

January 25, 2016

Hey Gang!

 After that double whammy of adorable anime short film reviews, I have a little bond for you today. I had just gotten so inspired that I thought I would give you a few more film reviews. I've been watching a lot of movies lately, I've been on a bit of a knitting binge. I've been watching Bond since I was young and I was always interested in the spy aspect and gadgets of bond. Although, my favorite Bond is Sean Connery. My favorite characters are the ones holding him together; M, Moneypenny (New + Old) and Q (New and Old, but I'm PRETTY FOND of the new one. *wink wink*)

- Can I just say that I fell in love with the Octopus that is Spectre's Mascot.

- Is Senior Scarra the same person as the Pale King?

- Thank goodness that couch was there, Bond Had to know they would have Backup, why didn't he have a better plan?

- That helicopter would have made an amazing amusement park ride.

- Moriarity as Max Danby, C. I knew he was up to no good the minute he came onto the screen. I didn't like him instantly, didn't like the way he treated Q. If Q stands for Quartermaster, than what does C stand for?

- Never knew Bond was adopted, but I supposed that makes sense with the story setup in Skyfall, since both of his parents passed and were buried there.

- Who is 009? Obviously not as good as 007, otherwise, he'd have had his car for his mission already!

- Can I say how much I absolutely love that Q has cats? He doesn't necessarily look like a cat guy, but now that I know he is, he's even more amazing *sigh*

- I was a little confused about the wife. He had sex with her, promised to save her, and then I'm pretty sure he abandoned her...

- Madeline was SO SO perfect for James. Who better to understand an assassin, then the daughter of one?

- Also, can we talk about 007's pain tolerance level, because holy shit, that guy was drilling holes in his head. I would have FREAKED OUT!

- I can't even imagine having someone so obsessed with me the way Franz was with James. To murder everyone in your life? Make sure that every single relationship NEVER works out? To spend their whole life making sure that you never enjoy yours?

 I thoroughly enjoyed the music, the opening by Sam Smith has been on repeat for a while and the action definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. However, I definitely feel like it is a re-see because I feel like even though I always take notes during movies, I missed some important key items. I got enough to understand the story, but I just feel like something feel through the gaps. I would definitely go see it again, and I enjoyed it enough to write a review.

Have you seen Spectre? Or any other Bond Movies? Lets talk about them on Twitter!

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