Cinema #23: Now You See Me 2 (Spoilers)

June 24, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I have been trying to see Now You See Me Second Act since it came out Friday, but I couldn't either I had my sister with me, or I had work, something was always in the way. I finally got a chance to see it Wednesday and let me tell you that it was glorious. I'm going to tell you why and go into detail down below, but spoiler alert, I absolutely LOVED IT! I wanted to stay in the theater, and watch it again! If you liked the first one, you'll definitely enjoy the 2nd one.
 My love for this movie can be split up three ways. One; The indepth background look into Shrike's Last Trick. Two: The illusions were absolutely mind blowing.  Three: You learned more about each individual illusionist.
 - How horrible must it have been to see his father die, no wonder he has had that revenge plan for 30 years.
- "Don't believe for a second the eye can't be lied too." One of my favorite quotes from the movie.
- I thought that the horsemen had their own underground lair, but it was pretty crazy that he was able to meet up with the "eye" that way.
- I love that he was following the illusionists with carrier pigeons. It made me giggle.
- Lula is my favorite character. She is hilarious, and a dork. I loved it so much. One of the biggest things I liked about her character was that she was the only girl and they made all these jokes about her doing the "girl Things" like; being the floozy. However, everytime the opportunity came up, it was never done. I absolutely LOVE that they made Daniel the floozy, that made my entire day.
- Also what is up with all the Octopus based bad companies lately? Octa in Now you See Me 2, Spectre in OO7: Spectre and of Course Hydra in the marvel movies...
- The illusions in this movie are a million time better than the last one, Atlas magic is pretty impressive. He's my favorite magician.
- Daniel Radcliffe played such an unhinged character! Those pictures he took though...He's crazy!
- Jack is so adorable around Lula! His face got super red, when she was kneeling next to him stealing his belt and wallet. I'd love to see them together.
- Poor Jack, His hypnosis skills need so much work....
- Their card work was so incredible! I was so enthralled by all of their card tricks during the heist. I was literally gripping the edge of my seat. I thin that was my favorite part of the entire movie.
- I hate that they kidnapped Dylan and put him in his fathers safe, that is SO fucked up. When Dylan figured out how to survive the safe, I was really hoping that somehow someway his father had made it out as well, and was waiting for him with the rest of the eye.
 I thought it was so cool that the illusions were created/overseen by David Copperfield. The illusions in the Second Act in my opinion far surpassed the first one, and I honestly can't wait to go see it again. The movie was so good. I felt like a giddy school girl clapping and what not, I'm sure if someone had been paying attention to me, they'd be shaking their heads and wondering what grade I was in. When we got out there had been rain so there was the most awesomest double rainbow right over the theatre. I had to get a decent photo so I could show you guys! I was thoroughly impressed by the story as well. I would definitely go see this movie a couple more times and I highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you saw the original or not. 5 out of 5 stars!

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, If you have a twitter, you should come be friends! I love talking about all kinds of stuff!!

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