Comics Roundup #12

September 23, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I know it's been a while since I've written one of these, but life intervened again. I had realized that my local comic shop had the ability to hold comics for me, but that's getting dangerous, I have sequential's piling up and wound up spending $40 a pop. Since I had so many comics, I have split them in half, I'm going to read the other half this weekend, and then tell you guys all about them.

I absolutely loved Batgirl 43, I feel like they are going in the direction of my dreams. Frankie becoming the next Oracle. Do you guys know how awesome that is going to be? You can't tell me she didn't look badass in that borrowed cowl and leather suit. Every issue, Frankie just becomes cooler and cooler. Was I the only one who thought the girl in the office that was attacked by the tiger looked like the Comic Writer Kate Leth? Who is launching an awesome-looking Hellcat comic with the super talented Brittany Williams, if you weren't in the know.

I am completely obsessed with Gotham Academy, I need them to be longer, I'm like devouring them, and then squealing, when I have to wait another month for the next part of the story. Will Olive learn about her mother? Is Batman a bad Guy? Will Pomeline ever stop being mean? Can we talk about how awesome Maps is? I think I have found my next cosplay. All the questions, and too little answers DC!

Thanks to tweeters like @fangirljeanne, @blackgirlnerds, I saw one panel of Secret Wars: Secret Love, specifically, the one where Danny Rand is Doing Misty's Bantu Knots and knew instantly it was going to be in my pull list. One, who doesn't love Misty and Danny? WHY WAS IT SOO SHORT??? (Are you Listening Marvel? I NEED MORE!!!!!) The Ant-Man and Wasp, with actual Superpowered insects was super adorable, and even thought I'm not a huge Thor fan, I'm glad Squirrel Girl, got to enjoy herself and his abs.

Okay Marvel, Can we talk about Silk? I know that you guys have this thing about martyring beloved characters, and I totally get that your universe is ending... But Silk was in a bunker for 10 years. Then she gets out, starts to get a handle on her powers, starts to have some confidence in herself and her abilities, and finds her brother, and then YOU WANT THE PLANET TO BLOW UP?!?! LAST DAYS OF SILK?!?!?!? Why are you playing with my emotions like this?? What did I ever do to you? I literally need ya'll to re-think this, like seriously, She better crawl out of a bunker with her little brother in your "new universe" or else, I will have a stern letter for you buster!!!

I know I wrote earlier that I wasn't the biggest fan of Black Canary, but it's really starting to grow on me. The story is becoming more solid, and the art isn't as choppy as before. I'm a little miffed that after all that hard work Ditto still ends up missing, but I know they won't let me down. I was a little angry about her ex-husband showing up too, like ick... Can't she just have one problem at a time? I mean Bab's already blew up all her belongings, at least let her only have to protect one person at a time. She's only one woman, cut her some slack...Sheesh.

What have you guys been reading? Leave 'em below, I'm always itching for something new!!

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