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September 30, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited about this interview guys!! I am using Skillshare to try to get back into the swing of learning again, and I've signed up for Andrea's Class for how to make Plushes of your pets. Its such a fun class, you really should check it out. The reason, I am so excited about this interview is because I am a huge fan of Killin' Me Softly, I have mentioned her Plushes on this blog several times, and I am currently coveting the Edgar Allan Poe Plush but I want them All! I literally squealed when she agreed to an interview ya'll, I can't wait for you guys to learn all about her, and make sure you go visit her shop and instagram after this, for an overload of felt cuteness!!!

- Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

 I am a freelance artist/puppet builder living in Brooklyn, New York. I started making plush dolls just over a year ago. I wanted to use my puppet making skills to make something simple that people could enjoy without spending a fortune. Once I came up with the concept of making cute, plush serial killers - Killin' Me Softly was born.

- Where does your inspiration come from?

 It honestly comes from everywhere! I love Horror and Gothic culture so that is where many of my character inspirations come from. I also love making Disney villains and other belover characters from my childhood. Of course, TIme Burton is one of my biggest influences, especially his work with NIghtmare Before Christmas. Aside from that, I have made so many Johnny Depp characters that I change the name of the shop to the Johnny Depp Doll Company and no one would blink an eye.

- You currently have a class on skill share for plush making, are you nervous about your new teaching role?

 I was nervous to start because I thought no one would take the Class! I'm feeling better now that a couple hundred people have enrolled and I have some good reviews. Aside from that, I haven't been very nervous - I don't mind making a fool of myself as long as my information is correct.

- If someone was having issues following your instructions, what advice would you have for them?

 I'd say make sure you take your time. Sewing is not a race! I have trouble following htis rule a lot of the time but it'll save you a ton of grief if you're just careful and patient at all times.

- You have such a unique style, do you have a fiction or non-fictional role model (s) you pull strength from?

 The big three for me would be Walt Disney, Jim Henson and Tim Burton. They have all created their own worlds that other people can now enjoy. I just think that's an amazing thing, to let people see into your imagination.

 - If you had to describe your shop to someone new, how would you sum it up for them?

 I make design oriented plush dolls of creepy and cute characters all from the comfort of my tiny apartment in Brooklyn.

-  If you were going to make a plush for your own personal use, what would it be and why? 

 My favorites that I have made are the Lock Shock and Barrel set as well as Sweeney Todd. I think part of the reason is that they are some of my absolute favorite characters but I also love the way they look in doll form.

- Who is your favorite Scary Movie Killer?

 It's no competition, I love Freddy Krueger. The recently late Wes Craven broke so much ground creating Freddy. Yes he was scary, but he was also one of the first killers to be witty and silly. I think it's important to not take yourself so seriously, there's a lot of comedy in darkness.

- What are some of the things you Nerd Out, or obsess over?

 I'm a complete Disney addict. I cannot get enough of Disney history and need to know everything about the evolution of the company and the parks. Going back to what I said before, stepping into Disneyland is literally like stepping into the mind of Walt Disney and I think there's something so magical about that.

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