That TIme My Comics were signed: To Zatanna

September 14, 2015

Hey Gang!

  Saturday, Alex and I headed over to CincyComicon! It's a hometown convention, so it was nice, not having to worry about getting a hotel room and the other stuff that normally comes with getting ready for a convention. Getting ready for this convention, all week, and when it finally came, it was just a mess. My hair wasn't cooperating with my costume, I left my nice stack of business cards at home, AND forgot that I had a small backup stack in the case of my phone for emergencies, the heels I chose to go with my costume, was terrible on my feet, I actually walked barefoot out of the convention and on my way to the car.

  I got a signed print from +Ming Doyle and +Comfort and Adam, stickers from +Allison Weyda and Emi, and Pictures with Emi and her friends, Ming Doyle, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher! I went through the first time to get my Batgirl #1's (New 52) arc signed, but once I had finished up the convention, I wanted to go back and get a photo! These guys were soo cool! I was just able to talk to them about how much I love their work, and how when I read Gotham Academy and Batgirl, I can
find characters that look like me, and that I can relate too, I was literally gushing and fangirling, and I have no shame, I'm pretty sure Brenden and I were both tearing up.
 I was dressed as Zatanna for the Convention and Cameron and Brenden were the first people to notice. He actually asked me if I wanted the signature to be made out to Zatanna, and I was like yes! Someone noticed! After that, there were a bunch more that noticed and complimented my work, and it made me feel really good, not only was it my first costume, but I was so nervous, you guys! It felt great to know that people knew what I was, and it wasn't all for naught.  Poor Alex, though, He had on a Black Adam Shirt, and a guy thought he was the flash....:( Sad Face.

Even though we only had Saturday Tickets, they allowed us to catch this awesome convention AND Bricks on the Banks, a lego exhibit! These pieces were magnificent you guys! There was a scary house with the Scooby-Doo Gang, A sentinel Battle Scene with mutants including Magneto, and Storm, Shield Helicarrier with all the "avengers" and the Bat-mobile!

I had such a great time, now to get ready for Cincinnati Comic Expo next weekend!!

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