The day I met Adam West and couldn't get rid of the bomb

September 21, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I had so much fun over the weekend!!! I was only there a couple of hours, again, I had a strict plan of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. However, I wasn't able to complete everything I wanted, a lot of the people I wanted to visit weren't at their tables. This convention was actually a lot bigger than I remembered it being a couple of years ago. It was really hard to move around, so I was only able to glance at a couple of things before being jostled about.
 My number one priority of course, was to get my photo taken with Adam West and Burt Ward. I was able to do that. I was worried after, getting my ticket, that I would be really far back in line, so we explored for another hour and then headed in line. While exploring, I realized they had three of the 66' Batman vehicles: The Batmobile, Motorcylce, and the Helicopter, actually from the movie, it was full of autographs from the original cast! They even had the bomb you guys!! So of course, I had to take some awesome pictures with that!!!
  I got some photos of some serious Cosplayers, there were so many good ones, that I caught where I was stuck in line, so I only got a few.
 I hate photographing people without asking them first, I just feel like its just common courtesy and good manners, to ask before photographing them, it makes me feel like a creep if I don't. The belle that I found is actually  @momokurumi, which was really cool, because I had been following her on instagram for a while, and I love when I meet people who are awesome online in person!! There was this adorable little girl couldn't have been older than ten pulling off an extraordinary Jubilee Costume! As soon, as I saw her, I knew I had to get a picture with her! We ran into two perfect Predators, A Batman, A super unique Nightwing I believe (Dress form) and Master Roshi, of course I had to have my two favorite perverts in a photo together!
  The line for Adam West and Burt Ward was GINORMOUS! It looped around like a giant snake with four or five bends!! The line didn't start moving until after 2:30 and they moved us in and out so freaking fast, I didn't even know Adam was wearing sunglasses until I got the photo back an hour later. I got three posters: An Adam Hughes Black Canary, A retro DC Ladies including: Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Supergirl and Batgirl, and a Sailor Moon Poster, with all the outer Senshi without Sailor Saturn, there was another one that had Pluto and Saturn, but no Uranus or Neptune. AISH! Why is it so difficult to find a poster with all of them? Good luck find the Starlights, or even Tuxedo Mask in one of them, it's enough to make my head hurt.
  Although, I am done with conventions for a while, this month is far from slowing down, or being over. I still have two sewing project posts in the works for you guys, two video ideas floating around in my head and tons more ideas I can't wait to implement. So make sure you stay tuned, follow on Youtube and Bloglovin, so you don't miss out!!! Outfit Details: T-shirt: Walmart, Cage Skirt: Allegra K (Amazon) Tights (Amazon), Chocolate Chuck Taylors (Burlington Coat Factory).    If you were at the Expo, and I missed you, make sure to tell me below! I'd love to link up and network with ya!! I'm always up for meeting local podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers like yourselves!!

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