August Favorites

September 25, 2015

Hey Gang!

 It was so difficult putting together my August favorites list. Even though, August had the largest amount of pageviews my website has ever received in a month's time, I couldn't honestly tell you how it happened, or anything particularly mind-blowing this month. Here's the ones that really stuck in my mind for the month:

- Discovering Mind-Speaks on Instagram.

- Janelle Monae's Electric Lady

- Winning Destiny Italia's Giveaway!!

- Working with Underoo's for an awesome Giveaway!

- Falling absolutely in Love with Killing me Softly's Edgar Ellen Poe Plush.

- Finally watching Lupin (Live-Action) and Reviewing it!

- Having my second Male Photo Shoot!

- I finished watching "Spider-man and his Amazing friends" on Netflix.

What were you guys loving in August? Tell me all about it in the comments below!!!

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