Comics Roundup #13: 5 ways to Celebrate Batman Day + How I spent Mine

September 28, 2015

Hey Gang!
 Happy Monday! Not sure if you knew, but Saturday was Batman Day! I spent the day with my family watching animated films such as Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and an episode or two of 66's Batman just to round out the fun, we also played a really fun game called Heads Up. This game is on my ipad and you can buy empty cards which you can then fill in yourself, so we did and we have our very own Batman trivia Deck. I highly recommend it. Here are some options that you can do for next year!

- Have a Marathon: Unless you are new to my blog you'll be aware that I have a very fond spot in my heart for binge-watching... Pretty much anything. Television Shows, Movies, K-Dramas and more in one sitting. This is a great way to celebrate Batman Day. You don't have to go crazy, one season of the animated series, all of his live action movies in a row, or maybe even just his animated films, My favorite is the Mask of the Phantasm, maybe even taking a stroll down memory lane with episodes of '66 Batman on Amazon.

- Have a Bookathon: Batman is a tale old as time, with just as many issues! Cuddle up with your favorite Comics buddy and start reading one of your favorite Batman comic runs! I'm a huge fan of Snyder + Capullo's Court of Owls Run. But who says, you only have to celebrate/honor Batman on this day? What about all the others that made his story awesome? Why not pay homage to Valentine's Catwoman? Have a few laughs with Nguyen's Lil' Gotham,  Better yourself and open your hearts with Gail's Batgirl. Solve a mystery or two with Fletcher's Gotham Academy. Doesn't really matter what ya choose, you'll find Batman in all of these titles.

- Be your own Gordon: Report any crime you see in your area. Help your police help you. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, always, but especially today. Heck, you might even see the Caped Crusader coming to lend a hand. Crime doesn't pay, and you can make sure it doesn't have it's day, by monitoring your surroundings!!

- Dress up: Now unless you just have a batman suit lying around in your closet begging to be used, I wouldn't suggest running around your fair city as our favorite Crime Fighter, but maybe just channel him into your style for the day. With Batman being so popular its super easy to find apparel with his signal, and even smaller items, like barettes and bows. You only need a little to feel like a million.

- Share it with your best Friend: My little sister and I are huge batman fans. One of the reasons we love him so much, is because he is a common interest of ours. So pull a Dick and Tim, A Batman and Superman and go enjoy a batman activity together!! Go see a Batman Movie. Play a game of Batman Trivia. Bake Batman Cookies. Just choose something batman related, A pal with a sense of justice, and have a ball.

 Tell me about how YOU spent Batman Day down below! I'd love to talk about it on all the Social Media. Come interact with me!!

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