Comics Roundup #11: Five DC Heroines that Deserve More

September 11, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I'm talking about superhero ladies that just don't get the spotlight they deserve today. I know there is a huge number of them, but today I'm talking about five. I feel like this is a great conversation topic, so make sure you visit my twitter or comment down below, who would you add?

Cassandra Cain: One of the best Bat-girls of all time. Although she's mute, it isn't a disability for her, she reads body language fluently and is an excellent martial artist. Even though the Batfamily is huge; I feel like her childhood makes her different from all the others. She fights Crime to atone for her sins, even though, technically they were not her fault.

Nubia: I feel like a broken record when I talk about Nubia. I talk about her on my blog and youtube channel often, but seriously, she really does get the short end of the stick. Lets go back to her origin story. She is made from "THE SAME CLAY AS DIANA" but is forgotten, and "Kidnapped" by Ares and turned evil. So just because she's black she has to be evil? C'mon D.C. Pull yourselves together, then the only time she gets any real shine is when she is in an alternate universe and she rules with a black Superman. One thing I hate about this: Nubia is a character of her own right, she is NOT the Black version of Wonder Woman, So why is she only getting shine in an alternate world with a "black Superman"?

Bumblebee: I kind of hinted at this in my Vixen Video, but seriously, she's basically just a backdrop character for D.C. to brush off when they want to show that they are diversity friendly! She's a kick ass scientist and was an integral part of Teen Titans, in the comics, and was interested in Cyborg in the Teen Titans Cartoon. However, In the comics she actually created her shrinking suit and impressed the Titans so much that they wanted her to join them.

Vixen: Yes, she has a new Cartoon. But it's 5 minutes long AND online! There are so many people that just don't know anything about her. I really liked the Lion run with Wilson, but she deserves so much more than a 5 min animated online skit hosted on a site no one knew anything about until two weeks ago! With the ability to use the attributes of any animal, with the power of her totem, she was such a huge help during Justice League Unlimited. I just hope that this cartoon, is going to skyrocket her into some more recent comics.

Zatanna: She is pretty much D.C.'s Sorceress Supreme, and I really haven't seen hide nor hair of her in quite sometime. She's definitely a character in desperate need of her own series. I know she's been a part of Justice League Dark, But I feel like they need to do a better job of Marketing that series, because the new 52 is over, and I 'm in some desperate need of some backwards magic spells. I was a huge fan of the collaboration of Black Canary and Zatanna in Bloodspell by Paul Dini, It was soo cute!! I'd love to see more books like that, with female team-ups!

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