Handheld Mistress #34: Why I returned Tri-Force Heroes...

November 6, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I just had to get this off of my chest. If you guys follow my social media at all, you are aware that I picked this game up on Halloween almost a week ago. Now I've been writing about video games on here since 2011, and I don't think I've ever done a full post badmouthing games, so I won't begin to do so now. HOWEVER, I have tried countless times to play Zelda, in all of its incarnations, and it honestly isn't doing anything for me.
 I chose to pick up Tri-Force Heroes, because it was brand new, you got to co-op which was something I was really looking forward to, one of the issues with Zelda for me was solving the puzzles, so if I had a partner to help me solve the riddles and we could play together, maybe I would enjoy the game more. So I set up Download Play for Alex, so he and I could set off on our journey together. The last time I wrote about Tri-Force Heroes was my report on E3, and I stated that I was so excited for a zelda co-op game, and that it would definitely be one that I purchased in the near future.
 Unfortunately, even after setting up Download Play for him, I had so many issues getting it to connect and for him to hop on with me, that I had to consult the almighty interwebs to figure out why I was having so much difficulty. Then google answered it for me. You can play Tri-Force Heroes by yourself or with TWO friends, but it is not available for a two-player campaign... I was livid! I ran to twitter, because my phone was dead at the time, and I was unable to explain my gripes to snapchat. The whole entire reason for purchasing this game was for its multi-player capability, there are so many games that don't allow me to play with another person I was beyond excited for this opportunity only for them to tell me that the game is DESIGNED not to be played that way?
 I don't know about you guys, but I don't just have two friends at the ready with extra time to start a zelda campaign with me...DO you? The only time I've ever had games where I had more than one extra friend at the ready were PARTY games, or Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World for PS3. I remember playing each of those maybe twice in my entire gaming experience. Who has internet capable friends that are all on at the same time? Why wasn't that thought of as an issue when they were designing the game?
 Also if you decide to play alone? The wizard creates two wooden dopplegangers of you, that you then literally CARRY around on your journey, using the touch screen, you tap between Green, Blue and Red and different levels and situations call for different things. Which just seems like a crazy amount of work for a solo campaign on a handheld system.
 Sigh, I was so excited for this game that I actually pre-ordered it. The only other game I've ever pre-ordered was Professor Layton V.S. Ace Attorney. Needless to say, I will be returning Tri-Force Heroes to Gamestop later today, and hopefully be leaving with a few new games to try out and not an overwhelming sadness at another new game I was disappointed in.

Have you bought any games, you immediately had to take back? Tell me Below or on Twitter!!

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