Series #15: 7 Favorite Anime

November 30, 2015

Hey Gang!

 I'm so excited to write about anime today guys! I don't usually talk about anime much, there are a lot of bloggers that have that topic underwraps. However, lately, I've been watching a lot of Hulu, and their anime options are absolutely glorious! I thought since I was on the search for a new anime to watch, I decided that I would tell you guys about my favorite anime of past years.

Sailor Moon: For most people Sailor Moon was their gateway to anime. I know it was a pretty big anime for me. It was an open door for learning about girl power, feminism, Sexual orientations, gender identification and it was extremely progressive for its time. I'm currently re-watching the series, complete with the episodes that weren't brought over the first time, Its a huge jump back to my childhood and I welcome its simple value on an empty off day.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Was my first C.L.A.M.P. anime. The art was so beautiful and I was so inspired. I wanted to draw just like Clamp, so my dad actually bought me an entire Manga series: Clamp School Detectives, which I still treasure to this day. Although, Sakura didn't seem very tough, I stil thoroughly enjoyed the anime, both movies and the music still pops up occassionally on my ipod. I loved the character development and my favorite characters were Tomoyo, Spinel Sun and Yukito.

Magical Knight Rayearth: Also a C.L.A.M.P. work, I remember having the first 5 episodes on VHS. It's available on Hulu, So I've started re-watching it, but I remember being so enthralled by all of the magic, and plus Mokona is SO CUTE!!! I was also really particial to the aspect of making their own weapons as the show continued, and the music was amazing.

R.O.D. T.V.: This is one of my top favorites. It's all women and their paper masters. Can we stop for a second and have a moment of relief  for female protagonst anime without fan service?! It was perfect, Mystery, Fantasy, Magic, and a whole cornicopia of books. This show gave me serious book envy, and some new titles to rent from the library.

Angelic Layer: Another clamp work, this anime follows a middle schooler that has difficulty making friends, until she discovers fighting dolls that can be customized and controlled by the owner's brain. I like that the protagonist wasn't very strong, but she was determined and made her way all the way to the top, she became champion and even found her mother, whom was sick and unable to care for her. It is  great story for children having trouble with self esteem and finding themselves.

Super Gals: I originally discovered the manga tucked away in my local library. I loved the art and the way Ran stood up for her friends, and her unshaking sense of justice. When I discovered the anime, I was so excited. It had some pretty problematic language, I absolutely fell in love with how badly Miyu wants to shed her Gang persona and work for redemption. I loved the fashion and the show was pretty funny.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: I was pretty excited when my dad first showed me Utena. I was like 7 or 8 and finally there was an anime character that looked like me. Sure I didn't have purple hair but give me a few years, I was working on it. Revolutionary girl utena was a lot of things for me. Gay and lesbian couples, domestic abuse, just utter weirdness. Like the guy becomes a car and then drives away. Plus the music was absolutely dazzling and I yearned to be able to play the gentle and demanding themes on my violin and then later my flute.

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