Comics Roundup #10: Top 5 moments of Batman: Lil' Gotham

August 21, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Over the weekend, I finished reading all twelve issues of Lil' Gotham by Nguyen + Fridolfs. I have always been a fan of the series. When I saw the first one, I automatically picked it up, and continued to add it to my pickup list, until I ran into not being able to find it anywhere. I'm not sure what happened, but I wound up getting the entire set, and then it just sat in my long box for a really long time. I wanted to show the series to my younger sister, because I know she loves Batman in almost all of his incarnations and I figured that she would enjoy the shanigans that happen in the books.
 I never quite made it to my parents with the full series, but I am here to talk about my favorite moments and then I can happily give my mini collection to my younger sister for her perusal. If you don't know the story of Lil' Gotham, it is a mini series, only twelve issues that comically explore the lives of the Batfamily, the rogue's gallery and other DC characters. Birds of Prey, Zatanna, Hawk and Dove, Aquaman just to name a few. They are just super adorable super silly looks into the "non"costumed sections of the characters lives, where hilarious hi-jinks ensue.

Number 5: We Meet Aquaman. I love this chapter because Aquaman is in trouble, and is unable to contact Batman properly, so he starts talking to the only sea creature near him, his cooked fish dinner. After Batman rescues him, he proceeds to tell him that sometime's he has trouble connecting with the other marine life, because of his accent. Yep, that's right, his accent.

Number 4: Batman's Vacation. After a particularly rough battle with Demons on Apokolips, Alfred is appalled by the damage done to Bruce's suit, and demands he take a vacation. While preparing his luggage, he asks Bruce the last time he had a vacation. Bruce sifts through his memories and lands on the days he was recovering from surgery. (Bane broke his back) and we see the most adorable scene of him all bandaged up in a hospital bed with a Get Well Soon Card signed by Bane on the Night Stand.

Number 3: Fathers Day with Talia. Oracle and her father, have a reservation at a restaurant for Father's Day. Even though she's made the reservation several months earlier, she is forced to share a table with Talia and her father. Of course, hilarity ensues. After, spying a cook deliver their food that looks incredibly like a ninja in disguise, Barbara pulls the table cloth before they could eat the "poisoned noodles." Upset that she and her father are now covered in noodles, Talia Demands to know why, In which Barbara points to the kitchen doors that are now filled with Black-clad ninjas. Talia calmly explains that her ninjas wear red or reddish Brown and that those ninja's in the kitchen are completely different and a battle breaks out.

Number 2: The Riddler's Payback. In this chapter, A copious amount of banks are being robbed, and all the clues are leading to every villain. So, Batman goes about rounding them up, in his batmobile's back seat. Back seat you say? Don't worry, the villains didn't know it existed either. After, he gathers everyone, and is thinking to himself why didn't he build a divider, he then drops them all off on the boat where the Riddler's residing and lets them pummel each other.

Number 1: The Carpenters Day Off. This is My very FAVORITE CHAPTER. It makes me laugh just thinking about it, and I'm giggling as I write this. Jenna is the Carpenter, she has the ability to build the villains anything they may need. Now, its Labor Day and she has decided to take an entire day off to relax/ build her pup Socket a dog house. Of course, the one day she takes off, literally every villain in Batman's Gallery Decides that they need some work done. Everyone from Catwoman, Harley and the Joker, The Penguin and Two Face Calls before she just stops answering and leaves an automated message, telling these chumps to call her tomorrow, and then Socket unplugs the phone from the wall. Thinking that they are in the clear, she then begins to put together the foundation for Socket's house. Unfortunately, then her cell phone rings, and Darkseid's lacky is calling her long distance to see if she can build an air conditioner of sorts to make the planet less humid, when Darkseid zaps him for not "calling Collect". Darkseid's lackey called her ya'll, I got tears rolling down my face. That is straight comedy. After finally not having any calls, she realized that Batman has locked everyone away and that now she is out of work, So Batman brings her to the cave, to do some work for him, since Damian and His dinosaur has destroyed it.

 If you haven't had the opportunity to read it, oh MY GOD please do. It is not something to miss. There's Heart, Comedy, SD Characters, and Watercolors, what more could you want? It is a perfect title to lighten even Batman's sullen mood and you should go read it, the instant you're done reading my post!

If you have read it, Please, lets talk about it on Twitter, I need someone to share my laughs with!!

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