Cinema #10: Lupin the Third (Live Action + Spoilers!!!)

August 7, 2015

Hey Gang!
I am so excited to be talking about Lupin the 3rd today! I have been wanting to watch this movie since there were only rumors floating around the internet, Now it's been out for a year, and I finally got the chance to view it! My dad said it was terrible but he's such a stickler about movies based on cartoons or anime that are then turned into live action, I think out of all of them he's only met one that he really liked. I loved it! As an avid lover of Lupin, ( I have a huge crush on Jigen) Even though smoking is bad for you, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was a little rough in the beginning but once the story started rolling you really started to see the characters shine. There were definitely some extra characters that weren't in the anime but it was needed to flesh out the story and set up the plot.

- I wasn't a fan of the "you have failed this city/Arrow" costume that Fujiko wore. I was really looking forward to her trademark slinky yellow dress that I remembered from the anime.

- The gist of the movie was that all of the "thieves" were brought together so that they could "battle" for the position of New Leader of the Works. The Works is a group of thieves that are so high brow that they are literally legends. It's almost a system of checks and balances.

- Michael killed Dawson to right the death of his father, Edward Lam. Apparently, in this movie Michael and Fujiko are siblings, and the entire reason of completing Cleopatra's necklace and put it on Fujiko's neck.

- How do you unite, a thief, a lone gunman and a samurai? Bring them Caramelized Dumplings.

- Fujiko knew that Michael was going to bring his crew to the Works dinner. She was okay because he said he wasn't going hurt one of their own, but how could she trust him, when she herself can't be trusted?

- Why did we NEVER learn the name of the woman in Green? She was kicking butt and taking names, and we don't even know hers!!! Just like with Transformers Age of Extinction, we never learned her name! That drives me crazy!

- I thought their "hologram" phones were so cool, it really didn't surprise me when Zenigata was carrying a flip phone. It totally fit his old-school, Gramps image. Zenigata kind of reminds me of the Captain Onishima in Jet Set Radio, I wonder if it was an homage...

- Unfortunately, Pramuk was Edwards' real killer, and Royal shot Dawson because he would have told Michael the truth. Royal was a backstabber and everyone that Michael thought was in his crew, worked for Pramuk.

- Dawson gets his dying wish, as Michael and Lupin team up to rob Pramuk blind and steal back the Cleopatra Necklace. Them, Dressing like Zenigata and Narong was hilarious! I thought that was brilliant and definitely something Cartoon Lupin was do, I'm sure he would have approved.

- I really Really wanted Goemon to cut the Hummer in Half, and then land back on top of the car just like the animes, but he later slices the tattooed bad guy in half, so I guess that will have to do.

- Jigen is the Shit! He shot his gun at the trigger of another gun to shoot Royal in the chest! He defeated a machine gun with a revolver!!!

- "Women and Safes are alike, both are just waiting for someone to open the door." - Arsene Lupin

- Of course, the safe is in a vacuum Chamber!! It would have been too much like right for anything else. Why didn't Lupin and Michael get into the Manganese safe and then explode the Malibu? I get the need for Michael to sacrifice himself, as penance for the murder of Dawson, but they both could have fit in the safe, It was like Jack and Rose all over again!

- Fujiko just used Michael for the jewel. They weren't siblings at all. Why do these guys keep trusting her when all she does is screw them over and over again, Why aren't they listening to Jigen? He's always right ya know!!

- I love that line at the end. " Now, How are we going to get back?" and then they all start laughing and are realize that they don't actually have a way back home. I loved the laughing Montage at the end of the movie! It brought me great joy! It was like seeing old friends again after a really long time away.

If you have seen the movie, tell me what you think, if you haven't then you should go watch it immediately! I give it a 4/5! I would definitely watch it again, and if I happened to come across it in the store or on Amazon, I wouldn't hesitate to add it to my cart! Lets talk about it on Twitter! #nerdetteatlarge

Stay Nerdy Ya'll,
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