5 Fandom (Wednesday) Crossovers that would cause my heart to explode!

August 26, 2015

Hey Gang!
  I know it's weird to be writing this for a wednesday, but I wasn't able to fit it in this week and this topic is a dream! I couldn't possibly miss it! This actually has something to do with some of the cool things coming up next month that I can't wait to explain to you guys!! But for now, I'll have to keep my mouth shut.

5. Professor Layton and Ace Attorney: You guys know that I am OBSESSED with Professor Layton. He is my only tattoo. That's how special he is to me, but I digress. The only reason that this is my number 5 is because this amazing matchup already exists. I am currently holding my breath for a live-action/animated movie with the two of them, because that would just be *ugh unintelligible words* sigh, amazeballs. I own every Professor Layton video game including the crossover, all the OST on my ipod and the movie. I would absolutely kill for a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover movie. Get on that Level-5!

4. Columbo and J.B Fletcher: I absolutely love these two respective detective shows. I spent a great deal of my childhood believing I would become a police detective because of these two. I know that this probably won't happen, unless there is a reboot (Which there should never be!) But just imagine, Inspector Columbo and Miss. Fletcher butting heads trying to solve a murder together?! It's also not that far of a stretch, because A lot of Columbo's mysteries had to deal with creative types (at least in season one) so it isn't unlikely that they would have ran into each other at some point.

3.  Scooby Doo and Hong Kong Phooey: If you learn nothing else about me while reading my blog is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE TWO CARTOONS. I own almost every Scooby Doo Season on DVD and I own the entire Hong Kong Phooey series on Dvd. If you are unsure about Hong Kong Phooey, he is a hapless dog janitor for a police department named Penry, he has a best friend Spot (A white Striped cat) who doubles as the crime fighter Hong Kong Phooey, who uses "Kung-fu" to stop crooks, but 90% of the time Spot is the one actually saving the day. I would absolutely adore a crossover for this series, because it would have everything I enjoy: Cartoon, Comedy, and mystery solving, what else is there?

2. Veronica Mars and Pretty Little Liars: I know why this hasn't happened. If Veronica was on the case, this would have been solved in one season! Veronica never messed around. I would love to see this cross over though. One series with more than 5 strong female leads? Alert the masses, it probably wouldn't even be allowed. I would absolutely love to hear wit and sarcasm battles between Veronica and Spencer.

1. Alice in Wonderland and Adventure Time: This would be a match made in heaven. Just think about how trippy the episodes would be! I would adore to see Alice, Marceline and PB become friends that explore underland with Jake, Finn and the Mad Hatter. Can you imagine The Cheshire cat always popping up and scaring the mess out of Jake? Like, why hasn't this been thought of already? Seriously, COME TAKE MY MONEY!!!

What are some your dream crossovers? Lets talk about it on Twitter or Tumblr!

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