How I celebrated Sailor Moon Day!

August 19, 2015

Hey Gang!

 If you weren't in the know, August the 15th was International Sailor Moon Day! There mini Conventions and celebrations all over the place. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of these but did that stop me from showing my Sailor Moon Pride? HELL NO! I began the day re-watching Sailor Moon episodes on HuluPlus. I'm almost to season 2! After, that I was reminded what day it was on Twitter, in which I Zoomed into my living room (where I make all my youtube videos) and started recording a "short" video on my top 5 moments of Sailor Moon! If you haven't seen the video yet, I've put it down below. Then after my brand new car started making weird noises, I decided to start editing my video and reminiscing about how literally awesome Sailor Moon is/was. I'm not going to go any further into it on this post, because I do a pretty great job of spilling my feelings in the video! I also showed my Sailor Moon Pride in my clothing. I picked up my t-shirt from Hot Topic, and My Suspender Skirt combo was scored off of Amazon. I'd love to see how you guys celebrated the day, Comment below, or talk to me on Twitter. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys!

 Stay Nerdy,


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