Cinema #9: Justice League Of Gods and Monsters (Spoilers!!!)

August 5, 2015

Hey Gang!
 It feels so good to be back! The other day I was able to watch Bruce Timm's Of Gods and Monsters, it is based off of the one shot comic he wrote, and will maybe be turned into a cartoon series sometime soon. I have to be honest, I didn't read the one-shot and I am coming into this with bright fresh eyes, that said, I was NOT a fan, and I'll tell you why below. I am a huge Bruce Timm Fan, and I feel like any child that grew up in the 90's with a love of all the superhero cartoons that were dominant at the time, should also love and respect Timm's Reign because he running shit!

- One reason I didn't like the movie was it was an alternate universe, (which I have trouble keeping up with) and They were murderers. Superman was the child of Zod, Batman was a Vampire and Wonderwoman was kin to High Father.

- I was really turned off by the tone of the movie. I was turned off by how no one had any respect for the "Justice League". I was annoyed by Amanda Waller being President and that the "Justice League" just had no sense of value of life.

- I didn't like that they weren't who I expected. I expected Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, I got: Vampire, Zod and a Powergirl inpersonation.

- I was a fan of the adult humor and jokes that was littered through the film. "Given up on Eharmony was one of my favorites.

- I was thrown off by how many Earth-One characters were featured, but not properly.
 - Silas Stone and his Son Victor: Victor becomes Cyborg
 - Dr. Karen Beecher: Bumblebee
 - Victor Fries: Mr. Freeze
 - Ray Palmer: The Atom

- I didn't like Lois Lane in this...

- Becca (WonderWoman) was married off to Orion to unite Highfather and Darkseid. Even though, she knew Highfather was going to murder everyone, she said nothing.

- Orion gave Becca the sword she fights with now. It contains a motherbox (Boom Tube Technology) that allows her to teleport to wherever she wishes. Her Father is ruthless though, that Coup took some serious balls. Trust not the Highfather, he is mad with power.

- Maybe I was thinking too much but were they really making a sympathy play for Luthor?

- These "creatures" all have the same abilities of the "Justice League" They're being framed man!

- Magnmus is totally the Badguy, he was a douche in college and made Batman the way he is. Plus he's a wifebeater. Hang him High and Let him dry I say!

- William Magmus is Earth's Zod.

My final thoughts: Eh...... 2/5. I respect Timm's work, and the story was decent and the art WAS GREAT, but it wasn't what I was expecting, I just didn't like it. If they do turn this into a series, I have a feeling that I will be episode hopping, for characters I do like.

 Stay Nerdy,


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