Cinema #8: Ant-Man (Spoilers!!!)

August 3, 2015

Hey Gang!

 Let me preface this rant, by saying that I am not an Ant-Man fan. I have never liked him, and I am not a fan of Men who abuse women, fictional or otherwise. The Wasp is one of my favorite female characters and it pains me to my very core that she is written this way not once but Twice. Alex wanted to see the movie and so I went with him. Now, to begin my rant.

- The Pym Particle wanted by both friend and foe, allows Hank Pym to shrink and carry out missions.

- I was pretty confused by the opening scene, of Hank Pym and the "others", the only one I recognized was Agent Carter, Man did she look old.

- Because I originally had no interest in Hank Pym and the Ant-Man Story, I had no idea who was going to be in the movie. Seeing T.I. as Dave was a lovely and hilarious Surprise.

- I don't really know anything about Ant-Man other, than the second one was Scott Lang, Who is Asian... I wasn't really surprised that Marvel white-washed another character, they are owned by Disney After All.

- I love that they mentioned that the stories of Ant-man were like something out of Tales to Astonish. If you weren't aware, or are a new Marvel Fan, that is one of their original running comics, in which many foundation and origin stories of characters you know and love like Thor came from.

- You automatically know that Darren Cross, is the bad guy. Even before he introduces the YellowJacket. He just looks crazy!

- This film was straight comedy for me! I love that the crew was diverse! The ease in which jokes were told and how Scott, Luis, Dave and Kurt were with each other was seamless.

- I was not a fan of ants handling my sugar. If I was part of the Marvel Universe, I would never eat at the Pyms.

- I liked that Hope had a strained relationship with her father. I liked that someone was upset about what happened to Janet.

- This movie taught me much more about ants than I've ever wanted to know. I did like learning about how Ant-Man worked with the Carpenter, Crazy, Fire and Bullet ants. I was very surprised that I wasn't more creeped out about the amount of bugs in the movie. I don't do bugs....

- Can I say that the fight between Falcon and Ant-Man was amazing! I loved that you saw some serious potential from Falcon. Plus, just think about how high tech his equipment was to be able to fly around and see Scott even when he shrinks.

- I'm always confused about how the "mentor" always tells the bad guy that they saw themselves in their protege, but then want to be surprised when they go bad. You liked something about them, otherwise you wouldn't have picked them, but people don't automatically become bad. It's a gradual process, so why were you so caught up in yourself that you didn't see when they fell off the deep end? Especially, when Darren asks him point blank why did you choose me? Hank replies, I saw myself in you, unfortunately, he saw too much of himself. Did that mean that Hank wasn't going to be the hero he was hoping for?

- I didn't like that Dave Sacrificed his position to draw the police away. Although, he didn't die, so it wasn't as bad as Quicksilver, but I am sill not a fan of the mentality that is "marvel's Martyrs".

- Lets talk about how awesome the Shrunken Tank was! EXPLOSIVE!

- When Scott was subatomic, I was really hoping that he was going to find Janet. I was just as sad as Hank when Scott returned without her.

- I was proven wrong, I really liked this movie, I was so surprised by how much I laughed. Can we talk about the awesome Cut Scenes? Bucky lives!! I was so excited about Hope becoming the Wasp, I squealed in the theater, LOUDLY. I really hope that put her in the next Marvel movie, like I really want to start falling in love with her character and how she is going to invaluable to the Avengers. i'm hoping to see her in the Captain America: Civil War.

  I'd definitely re-watch this movie, so I'll give it 5 stars. I was surprised by how strong Hope was, I was surprised by how funny the movie was, and the Falcon cameo was unexpected and awesome.

What did you guys think of the movie? Tell me on twitter, lets Talk about it! #nerdetteatlarge

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