A Blast from the Past: An Underoo's Review

August 24, 2015

Hey Gang!
  You guys know about fads right? Those things that seem really popular for a minute and then go away, and then a couple decades later they're back, and kids that aren't your generation are calling you a newb because you're rolling your eyes at them, because you've all been here before? Earlier, this month, I was contacted by Underoo's. The original, which has decided to offer Adult and Child Sizes in an array of Styles, and wished for me to review them. So I went over to the website, so I could peruse the collection. Now, I'm a little young for Underoo's so this is me being one of the new kids, and getting excited all over again! For Women they offer: Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, C3P), Leia, R2D2, Batgirl and She-Ra. Although, you guys know I am a DC fangirl all the way, I decided to go with She-Ra.
  The Set is incredibly comfortable. It literally is a cami and Panty set that you can go to bed in. It's not trying to be sexy, or uncomfortable. Not gonna lie, after taking the review photos, I probably spent the rest of the day in this set, and was not bothered in the slightest. The packaging is pretty minimal, a box with a hanger which the outfit is hung upon and then folded. It looks just like the picture on the box, except that the panty doesn't have the gold trim (Which made me sad), it was one of the things I really enjoyed about the photo on the box, however, it does totally look the photo on the website, so no harm done.
  I got an XL, and was really worried that it wasn't going to fit properly, or it was going to be uncomfortable but boy was I wrong! The top was actually a little big for me, which meant it was super roomy. That made me really excited, finally a company that understood, that an XL should have room, and not look like it was painted on. Big Girls deserve to be comfortable too!
 Underoo's and I are doing a giveaway for the entire week! So that you can win your own pair of Super comfortable Hero sleepwear! Just follow all the steps below, and the giveaway will end on this Saturday, the 29th.

 Stay Nerdy,


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