Five Fandom Friday: Comic Characters that deserve T.V./ Films

June 5, 2015

Hi Gang!
  This topic is going to be so easy for me! I am forever talking about characters that I wish I could see on the big screen, and with all the commotion of people wanting more representation, my choices are going to be all over the map.

#1 Misty Knight: She is my first choice. If anyone asked me this, she's the first one to pop into my head. Misty Knight is the first black heroine. She premieres before Storm, and is known for her work with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, as a mercenary for hire. I'd rather have a movie than a television show, because then it could be all about her.  We could get an origin story, and one of her first battles and maybe some type of collaboration at the end that could lead to another movie for another character, like Valkyrie, that could be cool.

#2 Storm: Yes, she was in the X-men movies, but the portrayal was so terrible, that honestly, I don't really count those! I'd love a movie based off her solo run by Greg Pak, I just figured that her run would be awesome! The story was a favorite of mine and I would love to see it brought to life on the big screen. Maybe she could even team up with Misty Knight and give all of her fans everything they were missing.

#3 Batgirl: I'd love to see a movie about Barbara Gordon. As much as I love new Batgirl and I do, but for the movie I would love to see her transformation from Batgirl to Oracle and would love to the see the relationship between Dick and Barbara blossom on the big screen, to transform from sidekicks to their own heroes would be great. Or a television show where she solves mysteries and beats her father to the punch. That would be awesome.

#4  Wonder Woman: I'd be cool with a television show that explores her origin story and OTHER AMAZONS ON THE ISLAND! Like Nubia, A duo/team up for those two ladies would be crazy awesome. Kind of like a mystery solving show, I think that would be really neat.

#5 Gotham Academy: The story is just so unique and the art is exquisite! I would absolutely love to see a Gotham Academy Television series! Mystery solving, multiple characters of Color, Ghosts, and something about Gotham that doesn't center/revolve around Batman would be awesome. I like Batman as much as the next person, but he really isn't the only hero out there. This tv show would prove that, and since the story features villains more, you could have more indepth looks into their character and find out what makes them tick.

What are some Characters you'd like to see on the Big Screen? Lets talk about it on Twitter!!!

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