Handheld Mistress #32: Nintendo + Square Enix walk into a bar...

June 17, 2015

Hi Gang!
 I was able to catch Nintendo's Digital Event and Square Enix's Conference yesterday afternoon, and I have lots of feeling about it so I'm gonna write about it! It's all over Twitter and if you guys wanna strike up conversation Please DO! I love talking to people about things, especially video games, and I'd love to hear what you guys have to say! Make sure that if you hit me up on twitter you use #nerdetteatlarge !

- I could not be more excited for #Yoshi Woolly World! As a knitter and a gamer, I am so in love with the fact that knitting has come so far in mainstream media. There are sections of levels that can be "frogged" and result in large wound balls of yarn following your character. Walls of knitting are being held up by two knitting needles, I will buy a Wii U just for this game. There are also the options to be yarned versions of other nintendo characters such as Mario! Creating more reasons for me to gather a few amiibo's.

- I squealed soo loudly when I saw Level 5 but alas it is not another Professor Layton, it is called Yokai Watch, and it has an air of Pokemon and Yugioh to it. I don't know much but I can agree with everyone else that the characters are super adorable and I hope to learn more about it in the future.

- I absolutely love the adorable intro to Nintendo's Digital Event, three major players of Nintendo transforming into characters of StarFox, to burst right into Star Fox Zero for the WiiU! I've never played Star Fox, but it was definitely a favorite to a lot of people and the Tree House Live allows you to see game play!

- I can't believe its the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo didn't disappoint, Super Mario Maker, with levels that not only you create but can then share globally? Mario Tennis and Mario Luigi Paper Jam, we were thoroughly marioed in, this event! I'm actually really excited about Mario Luigi Paper Jam, to bring two worlds together like that, just looks amazing!

- I started watching Square Enix's Live Conference to hope for bits and pieces of Kingdom Hearts 3, but it was not the adorableness I was expecting especially after spending an entire hour with Nintendo's Puppets!

- I have tried #Zelda twice. The first time was for the Game Boy Color, Then the 3DS, both did not bode well, but with the announcement of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, third times the charm, the ability for multi-player AND co-op and the adorable Totem powers, you need to rely on the different options to complete a level or even the game, it makes me itch to try again.

- I really wanted to learn more about the Japanese Dance/Music game that they Showed, but I only gathered FE and a release date of 2016, I'm hoping that there will be more information soon!

- Between +Mia Moore and the online conference, I am building up the urge to give Animal Crossing another chance. They introduced Happy Home and its seems to carry on the adorableness factor that people have come to know and love.

- I am interested in learning more about the new project from Nier for the PS4 that Square Enix showed in the beginning of their conference, which started a minute after Nintendo's, no time for breating at E3! The 3 seconds of the beautiful graphics was enough for me to look for the original one from 5 years ago to see what it's about.

- They are going to remake Final Fantasy 7, a pc version will be available for IOS and Android. The adorable chibi Version World of Final Fantasy available for PS4 and PSVITA (I wanna get it) seemed super adorable and renewed my faith in Final Fantasy, I really wanna try it out. They also revealed Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key for Cell Phones, I was not a fan at first because I thought it was the only Kingdom Hearts I was going to see, but now that I know Kingdom Hearts 3 is alive and well, I'm willing to give it another chance.

What new titles got you excited? Lets talk about it! Hit me up on twitter, or leave a comment below!

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